Balea Born to be Lazy LE

Balea Born to be Lazy LE - Lana Talks

We finally got Born to be Lazy products from Balea in our DMs. I don't usually get all excited about Balea products, I didn't even buy that unicorn shower gel everyone talked about a couple of months ago. I'm not sure what it is about this line, I really liked the cute packaging, maybe because I saw it all over Instagram. I mainly wanted the sheet mask and the body lotion, but of course, I bought more. I did see the lip balm also, but I decided not to buy it because I have a lot of them at home that I want to use up. The whole line smells very sweet, to me not all products smell the same, some are a lot sweeter than others. People that are not keen on sweet scents, probably won't like them. The scent reminds me a lot on their older collections, most on the Rummelplatz LE. I also need to mention that all of these products are vegan.

Balea Born to be Lazy LE Shower Gel - Lana Talks

Balea Born to be Lazy Duschgel
This is the first product that I picked up. It comes in a pink-minty packaging with a sloth on it. It is a basic Balea shower gel. It has a nice creamy consistency and foams well. The scent is sweet but not too sweeth, the sheet mask is much sweeter. The scent doesn't last a long time on the skin, also my skin doesn't feel dry after using it. You get 300ml of product for 0,99€.

Balea Born to be Lazy LE 50 Maxi-Pads Supersoft - Lana Talks

Balea Born to be Lazy LE 50 Maxi-Pads Supersoft - Lana Talks

Ebelin 50 Maxi-Pads Supersoft
I included the normal Ebelin cosmetics pads so you can see the difference. These maxi ones are more than 2x bigger than the normal ones and also thicker. They don't tear and they feel soft so they will come in handy everywhere, for removing nail polish or for removing makeup. You get 50 of them for 0,99€.

Balea Born to be Lazy LE Tuchmaske - Lana Talks

Balea Born to be Lazy LE Tuchmaske - Lana Talks

Balea Born to be Lazy Tuchmaske
First, I can't even tell you how sweet this smells, it has a very strong scent, it reminds me on Chupa Chups basic strawberry lollipops. If I compare it to my favourite Aqua version also from Balea, it's not as good. If I remember correctly, the sheet is the same as by the Aqua version, maybe a bit bigger, too big for my face actually. It also isn't as moisturizing and refreshing. It dries in around 15-20 Minutes completely, but the Aqua version I can have on my skin for a lot longer and it's still pretty much soaked, so I can always squeeze more product out of the sheet. I didn't feel that it would do much for my skin, not even moisturize it well, my forehead still felt dry. If I'm honest, I'm sorry that I bought two of them (three actually, I bought one for a friend). I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin, don't buy it just because it's cute. One costs 0,99€.

Balea Born to be Lazy LE Bodylotion - Lana Talks

Balea Born to be Lazy Body Lotion
I like Balea body lotions. They are not super moisturizing, but still enough for the most days, they are cheap, are easy to apply, they sink into the skin quickly and they don't leave a film on the skin. This one has the same consistency than any other Balea shower gel. It has a light creamy texture and it sinks into the skin fast. Straight from the packaging, it smells a lot sweeter than when you put it on your skin. The scent of this body lotion particularly reminds me of that Rummelplatz LE body lotion and it lasts for about an hour on my skin. You get 200ml of product for 1,49€.

If I'm honest, I loved the sweet fruity scent at first, but I quickly got fed up with it. It is a nice collection, my favourite is the body lotion and I love the maxi pads. Normally, I also buy Ebelin ones, which for me are one of the bests, but I feel these ones are better, just because they are bigger and thicker.

Thank you for reading!