Essence Bootiful Nights LE Preview

Essence Bootiful Nights LE Preview

Dusk is here and the night of all nights can begin! In October 2017, the new essence trend edition “bootiful nights” invites all brave girls to a Halloween party at the end of a dark alley. The dress code is eerie, scary and beautiful – not a problem with these unique beauty products.

1. Lashes (01 hello queen and pumpking): 
Reusable cat-like lashes ensure a gorgeous look and are the ultimate eye-catcher at Halloween.

2. Eyeshadow Palette (01 no tricks, just treats): 
Super soft eyeshadow textures in silver-metallic, black and pearl white ensure exciting eye make-up styles.

3. Nail Polish (01 i witch you were here, 02 dawn of the red, 03 let´s boo-gywoogy): 
Three long-lasting nail polishes with a high coverage ‒ available in black, oxblood and white ‒ in a cute witch hat packaging for bootiful nails.

4. (S)cream Contouring Set (01 too cute to spook): 
Contouring set with two creamy textures in black and white for harlequin looks that last!

5. Nail Decoration (01 those boos are made for spooking): 
Self-adhesive googly eyes and glow in the dark stickers with Halloween images ensure a spooky party manicure.

6. Liquid Matt Lipstick (01 no more bat days, 02 where did i park my broom?, 03 you make my heart go boo): 
The liquid texture turns matt upon application and offers long-lasting results in black, dark violet or oxblood.

7. Duo Pencil Lip, Eye & Face (01 i’m a ghost writer, 02 you look bootiful tonight): 
The duo pencil in black and white or silver and oxblood conjures-up harlequin styles or blood red effects on the eyes, lips and face.

8. Glow in the Dark Top Coat (01 witch off the light): 
This semi-transparent, vaguely pumpkin coloured top coat makes the nails glow in the dark for a unique look.

9. Make-up and Powder Sponges (01 the boo crew): 
The two make-up and powder sponges come in a cute ghostly packaging and make priming the face for Halloween as easy as child’s play. Washable.

I know it's still early, but these products make me so excited for Halloween :D Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading!