New In #24: Balea Summer Edition

New In #24: Balea Summer Edition - Lana Talks

This time I will be talking about some summer products from Balea. I know Summer is already over, I wanted to post this sooner but I wanted to test all of the products well, especially the shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to have this post up quickly now when I have tested them, so you can still get some products if you like them (hand cream is limited edition, shaving cream and the shower gel are only accessible in summer, for the shampoo and the conditioner I'm pretty sure they are permanent), so this will be more of a quick review of all five products.

Balea After Sun Duschgel
I feel this particular shower gel is everywhere during every summertime, I always see people raving about it. The price is around 0,60€ and of course, I finally bought it, 60 cents for a shower gel? It's cheaper than chips. It comes in a summery looking basic Balea shower gel bottle. It has a creamy and a bit oily consistency, not runny at all, which I like. The oil doesn't stay on the skin. The scent is quite sweet, not my favourite, but it doesn't bother me. It is supposed to have a cooling effect, but I didn't really notice anything. Overall, I like it, but it didn't make it to my favourite stash of shower gels.

Balea Quirliger Kolibri Hand Lotion LE
I'm not gonna lie, I bought this hand cream because of the design, it was perfect for summer and the pump makes it so easy to use. I feel that the consistency is a bit lighter than by the basic Balea hand lotions. It sinks in really quickly and it doesn't leave a film. The scent is coconutty with something, probably lychee, like it says on the bottle. It's quite summery and tropical. I normally find Balea's hand creams quite nourishing, but this one isn't, sometimes I feel that I haven't even applied anything after a couple of minutes. But it is convenient to use, so lately I mostly use this one.

Balea Pink Grapefruit Rasiergel
I heard so many good things about Balea's shaving creams, but I never paid attention to them. This time when I was in DM, there was a whole stand with new Balea products, all had this attractive packaging. I am glad that I bought it, I really like it, it smells amazing, nothing like the normal shaving cream scent. I actually like it more than the Nivea one I have been using and loving for a couple of months, this one feels better on the skin and it's cheaper.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Feuchtigkeitsspendenes Shampoo mit Cocos Wasser
I love these two. I didn't expect much from them, even though I really like Balea's hair products. They both smell coconutty and a bit sweet, the conditioner is fine, but the shampoo has a very strong scent. The shampoo it's quite thick and a bit hard to get through the opening. It foams well. The conditioner has a creamy white consistency, which just pours out with a little squeeze of the bottle. I haven't tried them separately, but together they work so well. In the summertime, I have been washing my hair once a week or so and it got dry after around three days, but when I started using these two, my hair wasn't dry at all. It stayed in good condition almost the whole week and I didn't have to use anything more on my ends between washes. I also noticed that they make my hair look very shiny, which is not a thing I normally notice by shampoos.

I'm glad I bought the shampoo and the conditioner, they were a nice surprise and really lovely to use. The shaving cream is also a nice addition to my stash, but the other two didn't impress me as I thought they would. Thank you for reading!


  1. Baleine stvari so meni zakon. Sem jih preizkusila že kar nekaj in me nikoli niso razočarale. Vedno pa so mi najbolj bili všeč njihovi tuš geli.