20. december 2017

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

Melvita is a brand that I really like. If you read my blog, you know that I absolutely love their Nectar de Miels Comforting Balm. I haven't tried a lot of products from them, so I was so happy when I saw I got some products from their L'Or Bio line in a BBMU goodie bag. I have heard so many good things about these two, especially about the oil and I was excited to try them. All of these products you can now get in a special gift set here, that's why I decided to make a quick review, if maybe you are looking for a last minute Christmas present or maybe something to treat yourself with.

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

L'Or Bio Extraordinary Hand Cream
I really like Melvita's hand creams, they are always very nourishing and they help to keep my hands soft. I mentioned before that I love the design of Melvita's products and this one is no exception. The packaging contains 30g of product and if you buy it separately, it costs 7€. It is a perfect size to have with you in a purse because it's so small. The formula contains five precious organic oils, argan oil from Morocco, kendi oil from Indonesia, inca inchi oil from Amazonia, desert date oil from Burkina and baobab oil from Kenya. I can't describe the scent, but I like it, it's quite special and delicate. The formula is quite lightweight, but it still manages to nourish my skin well. My hands were getting so dry before I started to use it, because of the cold weather and central heating, but now it's so much better. Plus I only use it once or twice a day and it seems to be enough. It does leave a slight film for a couple of minutes, but it's not greasy. These last couple of weeks I have mostly been reaching for this one because it impressed me so much.

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

Nail File
In the set, you also get a basic nail file. It's a paper one that I like to use. It does its job fine. It looks pretty with gold and white details, but nothing special.

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

L'Or Bio Christmas Gift Set from Melvita

L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil
The last thing in the gift set is the highly praised extraordinary oil. It comes in a luxurious glass bottle. It has a small opening on the top, so you can easily get the product out. You get 50ml of product for 20€ if you buy it separately. As well as the hand cream, this product also contains five rare and precious oils. They have regenerating properties, they nourish the skin, promote a healthy glow, improve hair shine and strength. It's a 100% natural dry oil, it can be used for face, body and hair. I use it on my face, I find it too good that I would use it on my body, it would be gone too quickly. I haven't tried it on my hair yet. I use it at night, just before I go to sleep. The formula doesn't feel as lightweight as for example Avon's one, that I love. I feel it nourishes my skin a bit better, but it still sinks into the skin in a few minutes. It also makes my skin look more radiant and basically more healthy. The scent is the same as by the hand cream. 

Melvita Christmas Gift Sets 2017

I like both, the hand cream and the extraordinary oil, but if I had to choose, I would go for the oil, just because I like using oils on my face, especially in winter, when my skin gets very dry. Using the oil feels quite luxurious and now I understand why people rave about it so much. The whole L'Or Bio set costs 26,90€, which to me doesn't seem like the best deal, but you do get it in a pretty packaging. I also prepared a collage of the other gift sets they offer now in December, they would be great Christmas gift for a skincare lover, I know I would be thrilled to get one. You can get these on their website, I also saw some of them in Müller.

Thank you for reading!

*I got these products at a blogger event

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