November Favourites 2017

November Favourites 2017

I'm happy that I got time to do another monthly favourites post. In November I went to the Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up in Ljubljana, where I got a few goodie bags with products to try. I am already testing some of them, one made it to this post too. I also included some other products I have been using throughout the month. This favourites post will be the first in December and I am planning to do the 12 Days of Christmas. The posts won't be all Chistmas themed, I did some of them last year, this year there will be mostly beauty related posts.

November Favourites 2017 H&M Makeup Sponge

H&M Makeup Sponge
For the last couple of weeks, I used the Essence Super Beauty Sponge, because when I first tried it, I quite liked it and then some other bloggers recommended it, so I used it and forgot a bit on this H&M one. But then I started using it again and it's such a difference, this one is much softer and foamy, it also feels different on the face. It doesn't stain, it's easy to clean, but I did notice it is starting to tear in some places. In the picture, you can see how much bigger it gets when you wet it, it blends the foundation perfectly. I stocked up on these because I thought it was a limited edition, but they still have them. I just saw them last week but in different animal patterns.

November Favourites 2017 Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
My old favourite. I recently started using it again, because my under eyes got bad again. It is a good coverage, but a creamy consistency, that you have to work quickly so you can blend it. Now when my skin is drier, I did notice it can look a bit dry under my eyes, which I didn't notice before when I used it, but it's only visible from a close distance.

November Favourites 2017 L.O.V THE GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette 010 Rose Addiction

L.O.V THE GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette 010 Rose Addiction
In my L.O.V post recently I said that the eyeshadow palette was my favourite, but I haven't been wearing it a lot, because normally in the morning I just can't be bothered with the eyeshadow. But I have been using this highlighting palette almost every day, I really like it, especially the bronzer. When I use the bronzer from this palette I normally go for a highlighter too, the second one looks nice. Maybe it is a bit too shimmery for my taste for everyday wear, but still, it saves me time, if I use both from the same palette. Review with swatches here.

November Favourites 2017 Avon Mark Eye Primer

Avon Mark Eye Primer
I finally got to try the famous primer everyone talked about. I must say I'm impressed. It's a perfect colour, some primers tend to be too orange, but not this one. I have quite veiny eyelids and it covers them well. You don't need much, a little goes a long way and it blends well. It worked with every eyeshadow I used in the last couple of weeks. It made them stay in place all day. I really recommend it.

November Favourites 2017 Paese Blacker than Black Volume and Care Mascara

Paese Blacker than Black Volume and Care Mascara
I got this mascara at the SummerMBeauty event and it was about time I started using it. In my L.O.V post, I said I love the mascara, but it takes me time to apply because it's messy. On the days that I didn't have time to apply the L.O.V one, I applied this Paese one. I like that it separates the lashes, it doesn't clump them at all. It lengthens them a bit, actually, it makes my lashes look natural. It is easy to apply, it doesn't stick together the lashes, easy to remove and it didn't smudge. A very nice mascara. I went to their website and found out this mascara costs 17,90€, which in my opinion is too much. I can get natural looking mascaras for a lot less. If I pay that much for a mascara I want my lashes to be huge. Even though it seems to have some ingredients that should nourish the lashes, it's not worth the price in my opinion.

November Favourites 2017 Lotique Eyebrow Mascara

Lotique Eyebrow Mascara
I have never used anything for my brows, unless I just tried a brow pencil or something, but never regularly. This is the first thing that I actually wanted to try. The brush is so small, perfect for eyebrows, not even I made a mess with it. It is okay pigmented, not too much, so you don't have to worry. I just comb my brows a few times and it gives them a shape and a bit of colour. Also, it doesn't smudge. I like it, first brow product that I actually use.

November Favourites 2017 Essence Keep it Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray

Essence Keep it Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray
I talked about this fixing spray before and I compared it to the Avon one. I said that I like Avon's better because this one feels wetter. Now when it's cold, I switched to this one. Avon's is really good for hot days, it feels a bit tight on the skin and I really get a feeling that it keeps my makeup in place. But it's been a bit too much now when my skin is drier again. It didn't take away that powdery finish on my face. So I started using this one and I must say I really like it. The spray is not as fine, but still, it makes my powder look more natural, not really sure if it makes my makeup stay longer, but in this time of the year, I don't really have problems with this.

November Favourites 2017 Colourpop Lippie Stix Cami (Matte X)

Colourpop Lippie Stix Cami (Matte X)
I really took my time when testing these lippie stix, but the whole review with swatches is coming in December (at least I hope I can pull off the 12 Days of Christmas challenge). For some time Tootsie was my favourite, but lately I have been reaching more for Cami, it is a gorgeous a bit muted rose shade. I love the formula, very creamy and it doesn't feel very dry on the lips. Also, the packaging is great for storing, as well for applying the actual lipstick. I just hope Colourpop will have free international shipping again soon so I can order more of these.

November Favourites 2017 Biobaza Bee Balm

Biobaza Bee Balm
I think I got this balm at SummerMBeauty event. At first, I didn't like the scent, it's strong, but now I got used to it. The consistency is quite waxy, which I don't like to use during the day. But I have been using it at night before I go to sleep. Now in colder months I always have dry lips and this balm helps to nourish them and keep them in better condition. The packaging did break quickly, I can't even remember dropping it, I had to sellotape the lid, so it didn't fall apart.

November Favourites 2017 Avon Naturals Hydrating Aloe & Cotton Face Spritz

Avon Naturals Hydrating Aloe & Cotton Face Spritz
I used this a lot in the Summer, but then I completely forgot about it. I love the scent, it's very subtle. I mostly use it in the evening time or before I go to bed, to refresh my face.

November Favourites 2017 Malinca Raspberry Body Peeling

Malinca Raspberry Body Peeling
I am preparing a whole review of this peeling. I can't describe how good this smells, it's one of the best smelling products I have ever used. I showed it to my dad and he literally thought it was something to eat. If I would leave this in the kitchen someone would actually try to spread it on the bread.

November Favourites 2017 Bilou Tasty Donut Pflegender Cremeschaum

Bilou Tasty Donut Pflegender Cremeschaum
First, smells incredible, like those Haribo yellow and pink Soft-Bärchen. I have been loving foam products lately, they are so fun to use. Even though this hand cream is not good at nourishing the skin, I still love it because it sinks in quickly and it smells good, even after an hour or so, I can still smell it.

What are your favourite products in November? Thank you for reading!


  1. Cami je odličen odtenek, mi je pa sploh njegov mat finiš izjemno všeč :)

    Donut od Bilou obžalujem, da nisem vzela vsaj pene za tuširanje, ker so mi super. So mi pa tudi te pene za vlaženje zanimive :)

    1. Na začetku mi ni bil tako všeč, sedaj pa sem ga parkrat nosila in mi je kar prirasel k srcu :D

      Te kreme za vlaženje so v bistu bolj za zabavo kot kaj drugega, pena takoj izgine in ne navlaži skoraj nič. Je pa vonj super :D

  2. H&M gobica je odlična. Najboljša od vseh, ki sem jih preizkusila. Jaz sem zadnjič spet iskala pri nas in je ni bilo. To mi je zdaj res čudno, ker sem jo še pred kratkim videla. Očitno so slabo založeni.

    Lotique maskara za obrvi je pa res mičkena. Jaz imam rada te na koncu, ko obrvi že poudarim s svinčnikom in jih potem razčešem s tem. Ampak ta pa izgleda res majhna :D.

    Avon bombažni spraj sem si ponovno naročila, ker je bil meni tudi odličen čez poletje. Vonj je res super.

    Si prav predstavljam kako izgleda ta malinin piling za telo :D Če še diši po malinah je pa itak zmagovalec :).

    1. Jaz sem bila ravno ta teden spet, pa so imeli samo še dve, so pa nekaj prestavljali vse skupaj. Pri nas v MB v centru je sicer vedno bila, v Europarku pa je nisem nikoli našla.

      Ja, ravno prava je, sploh za nas začetnike :D

      Avon sprej ima malce pomirjujoč učinek, zato ga najraje uporabim pred spanjem, kot nekakšen "pillow mist" :D

  3. Vse tako hvalite H&M gobico, jo bom mogla preizkusit.

    Cami je res lepa, mi je žal da si je nisem vzela, ko so imeli nazadnje brezplačno poštnino.

    Lov paletka izglesa res lepa, ampak a se rabim nov osvetljevalec :P?

    Avon baza je pa tudi odlična. :)

    Od Paese maskare bi pa jaz za tako ceno pričakovala več. Da lep volumen, ampak privzdigne pa mi jih žal ne ;( škoda, ker so mi ostali izdelki super ;)

    1. Sicer nisem preizkusila veliko gobic, ampak ta je ful mehka in tako lepo nanese podlago, jo res priporočam :D

      Cami sem jaz videla pri Mateji, toliko jo je hvalila, da sem jo morala vzeti :D

      Osvetljevalec je lep, ampak mislim, da je škoda celo paletko kupovat, če boš uporabljala samo osvetljevalec, ker prvi odtenek ni nekaj preveč :/

      Glede volumna ne morem nič rečt, ker imam kar srečo s tem, da so že moje naravne trepalnice kar privzdignjene :D

  4. Super objava! Sedaj pa moram resnično preizkusiti Colourpop Lippie, ker jih vsi hvalite :)

  5. Joj, tale H&M Makeup Sponge je tako cute, da jo je že zato vredno preizkusiti. :) Avonov primer je tudi meni super, Paese maskara še čaka, da jo preizkusim.. zelo pa me mika piling za telo! ❤

    1. Odlična je, zelo mehka in lepo se opere.
      Piling je verjetno moj najljubši, ker krasno diši :D