Yankee Candle and Merry Christmas

Yankee Candle and Merry Christmas

These two are my first Yanke Candle candles ever. I had a period where I was obsessed with candles, I loved the ones that had a special scent, especially the Christmassy ones. But then I started getting migraines and I didn't want to risk getting one, so I kind of forgot about them. I got these two on a blogger event and I decided to try them since they are so popular. They smell so good. I really like Soft Blanket, it's probably my favourite out of the two. I can't really describe it, it is not strong but smells clean and a bit sweet, like vanilla mixed with something. Cinnamon Stick is exactly what it says it is, a strong cinnamon scent. I burn them a little at a time, so they are not overpowering (the cinnamon one can be strong) and they both smell amazing, I definitely need to try some more of them, especially the well-known ones, like Baby Powder, Black Cherry, Christmas Cookie and Vineyard.

Yankee Candle and Merry Christmas

This is the last of the 12 Days of Christmas posts. I wanted to post every other day until Christmas and I'm proud that I actually did it. There was actually 13 posts, so one more. It was hard sometimes, with uni and other stuff, but I was glad that I already prepared a few posts in November and I already had pictures for a lot of the posts. It was bugging me so much that there were quite some posts about the products that I got in a blogger mail or on an event, but then I was thinking why would I stress about it so much, I love writing blog posts, even if the product was sent to me, I am always honest about it and I always disclose it with a (*). I just don't buy as much makeup as some other bloggers, so I don't really have so much material to write about and because of that, I couldn't post every second day in December. I just want you to know that I'm always honest in my posts and that I'm so grateful for every single product I get because that means I can blog more often and that makes me happy.

There will be still a post or two in December, but I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading me :)


  1. Oo vesela, da ti je uspelo. Itak pa nisem dvomla v to, da ti nebi. Pridna si z faxom, jaz vprasanje ce bi se lotla kaj takega ce nebi bila doma.
    Upam, da si lepo prezivela bozic :*

    1. K sreči je bila na faksu malo manj dela, zdaj bo postalo bolj napeto :) Hvala <3 Tudi ti upam, da si imela lep božič :D