Catrice Autumn/Winter 2018 Wishlist

Lana Talks | Catrice Autumn/Winter 2018 Wishlist

Summer has just started and Catrice already released a preview of the new Autumn/Winter 2018 products. I made a small wishlist of products that I want to try, but this will surely change when I see them in person. I'm most excited for the blushes and highlighters, also the eyeshadow sticks look like something I would like.

1. Blush Box 030 Golden Coral and 050 Burgundy | 2. Prime and Fine Aqua Fresh Hydro Primer | 3. Eyeshadow Stick 030 Powerful Peach, 040 Copper Confessions, 050 Bosslady's Brown, 050 I Decide My Vibe | 4. #PeelOff Glam Easy To Remove Effect Nail Polish | 5. Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow | 6. The Little Black One Volume Mascara | 7. 3D Glow Highlighter 030 Warm Embrace

What's on your wishlist? Thank you for reading!