04. december 2018

New Oriflame Swedish Spa Skincare

New Oriflame Swedish Spa Skincare

Oriflame came out with a new line called Swedish Spa. I received a body scrub and a body oil in my mail, but on the blogger event, I also got some products that I will actually give away on my Instagram. What they say about the new line: Take time out, in nature, to relax both body and mind. That’s the Swedish way. From oils that transform into milky foam to silky soft mineral clay and luscious whipped body butter, the sublime textures of Swedish Spa are designed to help soothe away tension and fill you with inner tranquillity. With Swedish Spa, you can be inspired by nature at home. Swedish Spa has an exclusive new scent, scientifically proven to help soothe your mind and deeply relax you from the inside out.

New Oriflame Swedish Spa Skincare

Salt Crystals Body Scrub
Containing Salt crystals and natural origin Almond Shells help exfoliate and infused with intensely nourishing Shea Butter as well as Canola and Sweet Almond Oils Salt Crystals Body Scrub contains moisturising and revitalising Corallina Officinalis.

Salt Crystals Body Scrub comes in a round plastic packaging with a lid. It contains 20ml of product for 16,90€. This is probably one of my favourite body scrubs I tried so far. I actually like the texture more than by my Malinca peeling that I raved about so much. It has such a nice texture, it's thick and does the job well. I like that it actually exfoliates the skin, the scrub particles don't just dissolve instantly when they touch the skin, but after, once you rub them on the skin. They also won't gather on the bottom of your shower. The scrub also leaves a thin nourishing layer on the skin. Lately, I have tried a few body scrubs/peeling and this one has the best consistency, it's not rough, but I can still feel that it works, it's just what I'm looking for in a peeling.

New Oriflame Swedish Spa Skincare

Mirror Ocean Body Oil
Fast absorbing, lightweight body oil with a blend of moisturising Vitamin E, Canola and Almond oils. It is also infused with Alaria Esculenta algae, known as the Treasure of the Sea, to condition and revitalise your skin. Use after cleansing for instant hydration or a gentle massage.

Mirror Ocean Body Oil comes in a plastic packaging with a pump. As usual with these type of products, it did already start to leak a bit. You get 100ml for 11,90€. I'm not so keen on body oils, because I hate being sticky. Usually, I mix them with my body cream when my skin is extra dry. I did find a good use for this one. I keep it in my bathroom and when I get out of the shower I use it to moisturize my elbows, which got super dry again in this time of the year. Even when I did this for the first time, there was a huge difference the next day, there weren't any white patches on my skin left, so I kept going and my skin is in much nicer condition now. I did also use it on my legs and it did sink it fairly quickly but as I said, for that I really prefer using a body butter that sinks in very quickly.

New Oriflame Swedish Spa Skincare

I like the collection, is just what I imagined it would smell, very clean and fresh but still sophisticated. I love the body scrub, it has a perfect consistency for my taste. The body oil will also be nice for my dry skin. There is also a giveaway on my Instagram, if you would like to try some Swedish Spa products.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me

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