Avon Eve Truth Eau de Parfum

Avon came out with another new fragrance, this time it's Eve Truth. Eve Truth Eau de Parfum comes in a stunning diamond shaped bottle. It has light green tones and it's just amazing, it looks way more expensive than it is. In the bottle you get 50ml of product and it normally costs 32€ but Avon always has some sales going on. In the same line, you can also get a mini spray, a body spray and a body lotion.

Avon Eve Truth Eau de Parfum

Top notes: black currant, cassis, carambola (star fruit), pomegranate.
Middle notes: pink freesia, peony, gardenia.
Base notes: cedar, musk, amber.

The scent starts fruity and strong but then it becomes more floral. It gets to a light, fresh and very wearable scent that is nice for spring. It's not going out a type of scent. It's a pretty basic fresh, clean floral perfume with some fruity tones. On me, it lasts the whole day, on the clothes it stays for days and I love what the scent becomes after the whole day, it's not as "clean" anymore, it's kind of elegant and a bit musky.

Avon Eve Truth Eau de Parfum

Apparently, this fragrance is very popular, Avon says it sells very well and I did see some people comparing it to famous Daisy from Marc Jacobs. I wore this perfume almost every day when I got it, but after a few weeks, I did start to get bored with the clean cedar scent. It's a great perfume, but it's pretty basic, nothing special, so in my opinion, not something you should absolutely have in your collection.

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  1. Takoj ko sem prebrala note se mi zdel podoben Daisy in verjetno tudi ni tako drugače od Avon Luck La Vie. Steklenička je krasna :)

    1. Sem verjetno ena izmed redkih, ki še ni preizkusila Daisy :D Steklenička pa je res takšna za razstavit na polici :D