Oriflame Love Nature Skincare

I had these photos in a draft for a year but I was still testing one product so I didn't even start to write a review. Now I finally have my final thoughts so I can write it. Love Nature is a skincare line from Oriflame. I know it was very popular last year. The products don't contain silicones and are biodegradable. The packaging is also made out of 40% recycled plastic. I tested four products: Hydrating Face Cream, Refreshing Eye Gel, Purifying Face Oil and Refreshing Toner. You have a lot more products to choose from, mine are for normal skin but you can choose products based on your skin type.

Hydrating Face Cream

Oriflame Love Nature Skincare (Hydrating Face Cream, Refreshing Eye Gel, Purifying Face Oil and Refreshing Toner)

The Hydrating Face Cream comes in a cute little pot but it still contains 50ml of product. The regular price is 10,90€ but it's often on offer for less. This is the only product out of the four that I didn't like.

The cream contains aloe vera and coconut water and it should be cooling on the skinThe texture of the cream is light and it spreads easily but it doesn't feel light on my skin. It feels kind of heavy, like my skin can't really breathe and it does cause breakouts on my face which rarely happens. It also leaves a film. It does nourish the skin well but I don't use it anymore because of the breakouts. The scent is very fresh and fruity, I liked it. 

Purifying Face Oil

Purifying Face Oil is a product that I like a lot. This one is for oily skin. It comes in a little bottle, which contains 10ml and costs 9,90€.

This oil is meant to be for any pimples and acne. It's like The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil that I talked about before on my blog. If I compare it to that one I can't see a difference, they do the same but Oriflame's is 1€ cheaper. This one contains essential oils of tea tree, lime and salicylic acid. You just put a drop on a pimple and it makes it go away quicker.

Refreshing Toner

The Refreshing Toner comes in sleek blue packaging and you get 150ml for 8,50€. This toner was the product from this line everybody raved about.

This one also contains aloe vera and coconut water. I have tried quite a lot of toners and this one I really enjoy using. It has a very nice coconuty scentI use it after I remove the makeup with oil and a second cleanser to really remove everything. It's not irritating on the skin and it keeps it refreshed.

Refreshing Eye Gel

The Refreshing Eye Gel also comes in a cute little packaging, I really like this baby blue colour and the design on all of the products. In the tube, you get 15ml of product and it costs 5,90€.

This is my favourite product out of all four. I'm too lazy to use an eye cream regularly but when I do, it feels very nice. It is a clear gel and it contains organic aloe vera and coconut water. I didn't try a lot of eye creams, so really have nothing to compare but I find this one really good. It's cooling and refreshing on the skin.

I love the packaging of the whole collection, it's baby blue with a stunning design. My favourite is the eye gel, I'm also a fan of the purifying oil and the toner but the face cream didn't impress me, it was feeling too heavy on my face.

Thank you for reading!
*Products were sent to me