Big Spring Wishlist 2020

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of new products everywhere and since I didn't have anything better to do, I was scrolling down Instagram and putting together a new wishlist. I actually do have a lot of things to do, I have been ignoring uni work all week and I'm sure I will deeply regret this in the new week but I just needed time for myself (and for blogging). 

Oriflame NovAge Facial Cleansing Oil / Nivea Soothing Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes Grape Seed / Garnier SkinActive Deep Pore Facial Cleanser
Right now I don't have a cleanser in my routine that I would really like. I have the Saffee oil-to-milk cleanser which is okay but nothing special (and it burns my eyes). I still have a bit of Balea's cleansing oil left but I don't get the hype around it. I have these three cleansers on my WL but I'm mostly leaning towards Nivea's soothing cleansing oil because I heard good things about it.

Butter Tangerine and Belly Butter
Now we all know that I'm obsessed with these body butters. They have quite a few new scents but the ones that caught my eye were Tangerine and the new Belly version with strawberry and vanilla. You can read more about them here.

Balea Bodycreme Copacabana
I'm interested in this because it looks like that famous Bum Bum Cream. Balea's LE body products often smell amazing but the formulas are very light, so I will wait for some reviews about it before I buy it.

Sun Dance Selbstbräuner Konzentrat
I'm currently researching self-tanning products and I heard this product is very good. I had to throw all my old ones away and even though I don't use them often, I like to have them for special occasions. I don't use regular tanning products on my face, so this will be useful to have and mix in the face cream.

Nivea Pflegedusche Nature Fresh mit Aprikose, Mango und Reismilch
I believe there are three versions of these and they all look like they smell amazing but I chose this one. The combination of apricot, mango and rice milk sounds delicious.

Balea Professional Collagen Power Struktur Elixier
I have never seen this in DM but Mateja says it has good ingredients, so it's worth trying.

L'Oreal Botanicals Fresh Care Argan and Safflower Nourishing Potion
This has a ton of good reviews, actually, I have heard good things about most of the Botanicals products. This one is supposed to also have an anti-frizz effect, so of course, I'm intrigued. My hair is very frizzy for the first two days when I wash it (especially the first day) and I''m still searching for something that would work wonders.

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist
I was searching on Notino's site and I came across this product. When I read the notes (main ones are black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean) I immediately put it on my WL but then I didn't buy it and I'm regretting it a little.

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived
As I said, I'm looking into some new tanning products, mostly gradual tanners. This one from Dove is the most popular and it's probably the cheapest. I had it on my WL for years but I never got it.

Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food Conditioner
I ordered the aloe vera version of the hair mask because Ana raved about it on Instagram. Then I saw there are also shampoos and conditioners available. I skipped the banana version with a hair mask but I would love to have it as a conditioner. The whole hair food line is well known and praised actually.

Balea Body Spray Caribbean Feelings
Balea has so many eye-catching products that I could fill up my wishlist here with only their products. This body spray looks like it smells summery and fresh but still fruity and coconutty. Not that I need another body spray but on the other side, I don't have anything like it in my collection.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oriflame olje je super :) Menjavam med tem in od Hada Labo, pa ne opazim večje razlike. Za Niveo sem imela tako velike upe, ampak vsa imajo mineralno olje prvo na seznamu in meni to žal maši pore. Ocene so pozitivne kolikor se gledala.

    Sun Dance je vedno imel dobre samoporjavitvene kreme za obraz. Sem jih sicer nehala uporabljam, ker mi je čisto kul, da sem bela, ampak vsako leto kupim eno za mami in ni nikoli lisasta od njih. Dove pa ne vem, če sem že videla pri nas?

    Te Nivea tuš gele sem tudi gledala. Bi tudi marelico :) Pa Dark Kiss me tudi mika.

    Jaz imam mega frizzy lase in na meni razen ravnalca/kodralca/ sušenja z okroglo krtačo noben izdelek ne deluje sam, ampak ko si posušim lase s fenom, si jih vedno spnem v tesno figo čez noč ko so še topli in je precej manj friza :).

    1. Sem videla ravno pri tebi, da je okej :) Hada Labo je pa še na WL, zdaj ga itak ne morem dobit.

      Sem imela tonik in mi je bil super + tiste robčke za po telesu. Mogoče bom celo za kremo za telo kupila SunDance, to še morem pogledat kakšne imajo. Dove pa sem že videla lani v Müllerju, tako da nekaj pa le imamo :D

      Ti tuš geli izgledajo lepo, ampak po moje bom videla ceno pri nas in na koncu ne bom kupila.

      Zanimivo, bom sprobala :D