My Travel Wishlist for 2023

My Travel Wishlist for 2023

I saw the idea of a travel wishlist for 2023 on Lara's blog and on a few others, so I wanted to recreate it. I included some places that I would like to travel to this year, I probably won't have time to visit all of them, but a girl can wish, right. Actually, one trip is already booked, so it's a great start. I love making lists like this, it's so interesting to read them in a few years' time, to see if your wishes and goals changed, if they stayed the same or if you managed to cross some of them.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has been at the top of my travel bucket list ever since I can remember. Actually, the whole Spain is on my list. I know I will love the architecture, historic sites, vibrant streets and food, of course. I also want to properly test my Spanish speaking abilities. I have actually already booked plane tickets and the hotel for February, so I can't wait to experience a bit of the Spanish lifestyle.

2. Malta

Malta was already on my last year's travel wishlist but it fell through, so I'm really hoping that this year I get to go. Malta is fairly new on my bucket list but I feel it's a perfect Mediterranean island with a rich history. I would actually like to travel the whole island, including Gozo and Comino.

3. Dalmatia, Croatia

There is no summer like Croatian summer. If you are from Slovenia, it's in your blood to go to the Croatian coast for summer vacations. I have been to quite a few cities in Istra and Kvarner, including the islands, so last year I finally visited the dalmatian region and I loved it even more. I was in Makarska and road-tripped through the island Brač, so this year I have some more cities on the list, including Split, Dubrovnik, Korčula island, and Hvar island. Ideally, a cruise around Dalmatia (or a road trip) would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t. 

4. Paris, France

Paris was never high on my list but that recently changed. I don't know if it's because of Emily in Paris or countless TikToks that I have seen, but I do have the wish to visit it, at least sometime in the future, if not this year.

5. Sardinia or Sicily, Italy

In Italy, I have only visited Venice on one trip and Gardaland on another but I think I was too young to truly appreciate both trips, but I do remember loving Italy. Since I'm a summer/ocean child, it's natural that Sicily and Sardinia are high on my list.

My travel bucket list is endless, so in this post, I included destinations that are on top of the list, places that I would love to see. Some of the other travel destinations that I want to visit in the next years are also: New York (preferably in December), Portugal (anywhere basically), Australia, Mexico, South America and one of my biggest wishes is to take a road trip around french riviera, Spain and Portugal.