Essence Fall/Winter 2016 Wishlist

Essence Fall/Winter 2016 Wishlist

1. Bloggers' Beauty Secrets The Glow Must Go On Bronzing and Highlighting Palette
Lately, I have been loving highlighters and blushes. When I first saw the pictures of this palette, I wanted to have it. Then I saw it in DM, because it was in a summer trend edition and also on some blogs, but it didn't really impress me. Maybe because I'm a little broke right now and I plan and research everything I buy, and I thought it wasn't worth purchasing. I don't know if I will still get it, maybe sometime throughout the year.

2. Matt Touch Blush in 30 rose me up!
3. Satin Touch Blush 10 satin coral
As I said, I love blushes lately. These two would be such a nice shade for fall and winter, especially the matte one, since I adore matte blushes.

4. Strobing Highlighter in 10 let it glow!
This highlighter looks good, but now I have a few highlighters on my WL and I'm not sure yet, which one to get.

5. Get Picture Ready Longlasting Compact Make-up
For this product Essence promises an instantly flawless and even finish. I love that it has a sponge and also a mirror. I just hope it won't be too visible on the skin, I don't like those heavy looking foundations, that's why I adore Essence Pure Nude makeup and Catrice Nude Illusion. Although I am leaning towards new foundation by Catrice, which is supposedly very good.

6. Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss in 02 beauty-approved!
If you read my blog, you know I don't wear lipstick very often. But recently I have been wanting a good matte lip product, that is also budget friendly. Although I hear that these are not matte, maybe I will try it, because I adore the shade.

7. Get Picture Ready Eyeshadow Palette
These shades are so pretty. Maybe they could be a little more on a brownish side for my taste, but we will see. I like the packaging too, because it isn't that classic Essence one, that they have now by their palettes, I don't really like them.

8. The Gel Nail Polish in 81 so what? and 87 gossip girl
I can't believe Essence discontinued Serendipity shade, which I love, I hope I will find it somewhere so I can buy a backup. Essence had another amazing grey shade of nail polish (The Ice is Melting, that you can see on Mateja's blog), but that one is discontinued too. I already bought that one, but I didn't test it yet. I hope I will have a notd on my blog soon, so you can still get it if you will like it. I'm just waiting for my nails to be in a little better shape. These two new nail polishes are not so pretty shades, but I saw some swatches (I will leave some posts with swatches at the end) and the lighter one seems ok, but I don't know how I feel about the other one.

9. Secret Stories Nail Polish in 01 can you keep my secret? and 03 do you like my secret?
I like both of the colors, I think they will be great for fall and winter.

Swatches (all in German): nails, lip products, face products
Thank you for reading!


  1. Super wishlista :) Jaz sem tudi presenečena, da so vrgli ven Serendipity, ampak mogoče malo manj za The Ice is Melting, čeprav je meni lepši, sem pa sumila, da tem termo lakom bije zadnja ura. Sama imam celo to kolekcijo blogerk in me ni nekaj navdušila, vsaj tale bronzer mi je nek nenavaden odtenek oz. se vidi da ga je naredil nekdo s temnejšo poltjo.

    1. Meni sta oba lepa, se ne morem ravno odločit kateri je lepši :) Sicer sem sama poleti vedno malo temnejša, ampak mislim, da ne bom kupila te paletke. Raje potem kupim nek dober bronzer in highlighter posebaj :)

  2. Krasne izdelke si si izbrala, so mi res všeč. Sploh lakci izgledajo tako lepi in tale mat, mat glosek.

  3. Hvala :) Glos bi bil še boljši, če bi bil dejansko mat, ampak bomo videli kako bo :)

  4. Nice essentials :) x