Summer Essentials (Skincare, Nails)

Summer Essentials (Skincare, Nails)

I already made a post about sunscreens and a post about my favourite summer makeup products. Today I'm going to talk about summer skincare and my favourite nail polishes.

Fruttini Milky Orange Body Spray
I have had this body spray for a few years, because I have been saving it like crazy. With all the stuff I love, I save it and then it goes bad. But this summer I have been using it a lot. I love everything that smells like oranges, so this is just for me. It smells so good, it's a strong orange scent, but not too strong.

Uriage Eau Thermale
A real blessing in the summertime. I got two of these little bottles at SummerMBeauty blogger event. I have been switching between this one and Balea's one, that I already talked about last year, in this post. When I get hot I spray it on my body and it cools me down a little.

Avon Advanced Techniques Sun-Light Spray Beautifying Hair Protector
Contains UV filter, so it should protect your hair. I have used it a few times. I really like it,  I don't really know how well it protects the hair, but I can tell you, that it doesn't stick the hair together, I have a feeling that it also makes them a little softer.

Avon Naturals Skin Care Hydrating Aloe & Cotton Face Spritz
It contains AHA, which can cause sun sensitivity. I made a mistake and didn't read that, so I have used it on the sun at the seaside. I kept it in the cooler bag, so it was more refreshing. And even though I was using it in the sun, I didn't notice any sensitivity on my face. Now I only use it, when I'm not directly on the sun and it's great for refreshing.

Borotalco Original
When I was looking for a deodorant, I have never thought of Borotalco. They have a stupid commercial, so I thought they are rubbish. But lately a lot of Slovenian bloggers have been talking about it, so I decided to give it a try. I was surprised. I got this stick one in Müller, simply because I prefer them over roll ones and it is their original one. At first, the smell bothered me a little, maybe that's because I was always using non-scented ones or the ones that have a very mild scent. But now I really like it, it smells fresh and I can smell it almost throughout the entire day. And it works for the whole day too. So big thumbs up for Borotalco.

Avon Care Cocoa Butter Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream
I reviewed the whole Cocoa Butter line by Avon here. If I need a hand cream, I always reach for this one. I like the smell, it sinks into the skin fast, it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy and it nourishes them well.

4 kids and us Mleko proti celulitu (Anti-Cellulite Milk)
4 Kids and Us is a Slovene brand with natural skincare products. I have heard so much about them and I wanted to try their products. I got three of them on SummerMBeauty blogger event. I haven't used the other two yet, but I am impressed by their Anti-Cellulite Milk. I can't say if it really gets rid of the cellulite. For that I would have to change my diet and really massage this cream into my skin. It is in my essentials, because it's just such a nice body cream. I use it on my legs and the skin feels really good and nourished after. I also feel a cooling effect when I use it. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the smell.

Summer Essentials (Skincare, Nails)

These are for me perfect shades for summer, you can see the swatches on the wheel down bellow. If you want to see actual swatches just click on the shade and you can see the swatch: 

1. Avon Nailwear Pro+ Minty
2. Essence Nauti Girl LE Ahoy, Boy!

Essence Studio Nails Triple Care is my favourite nail product of this whole year probably. As you know, I loved their Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener, but it stopped working for me. Then I saw on Instagram that one girl raved about this green one and I bought it and I love it. It makes my nails grow faster and stronger, they don't break as often.

Essence Indian Summer looks weird here, check the actual swatch for the real shade

What are your summer essentials? Thank you for reading!


  1. Slišim same pohvale o Avon spreju za lase in zdaj komaj čakam, da ga preizkusim na morju :). Zelo mi je všeč sam vonj. Uriage je res dobrodošla osvežitev v poletnih mesecih. 4 kids and us sem tudi že skoraj porabila. Všečna krema in lepo se maže, čeprav mene vonj tudi ni ekstra navdušil.
    V moji paleti poletnih lakov prav tako ne sme manjkati bel in ta Avonov Minty je naravnost čudovit :).

    1. Meni je Avonov sprej super, sem pričakovala, da mi bo zlepil lase, ampak čisto nič :) Uriage gre z mano sedaj povsod, sploh ker je takšna mala flaška. 4 kids and us krema pa me je precej navdušila, komaj čakam, da preizkusim še kremo za obraz :)