29. september 2016

Preview: Essence Midnight Masquerade TE

I know the preview of Midnight Masquerade and the Little X-Mas Factory from Essence is already out since August, but I didn't want to post it before. I thought it was way too early, especially for the Christmas one. Since Midnight Masquerade will be available in October and November, now it's a good time to post a preview. The Christmas preview comes at the end of October.

Preview: Essence Midnight Masquerade TE

The clock strikes midnight! With the new trend edition “midnight masquerade”, essence invites you to an extraordinary masked ball in October – November 2016. Products in mysterious colors like red, black and lavender ensure a mystical look. The ultimate stars of the night are the two duo ombré lipsticks, eyeshadows with a foil-effect and a black eyeshadow base that can also be used as a kajal. The breathtaking ornament mask creates a particularly mysterious look. Meet me @ midnight – with essence! 

1. Nail polish: Midnight manicure. Two red tones with a semi-matt latex finish as well as midnight blue and black with a multi-chrome glitter effect are the must-have polishes at the masked ball. Available in 01 meet me midnight, 02 black cats wanted, 03 a vampire kissed my neck and 04 the walking red. 

2. Effect eyeshadow: Dark shadows! The eyeshadows in copper, midnight blue and violet are based on black as well as metallic pigments to create an innovative foil effect. Available in 01 keep your midnight secret, 02 spooktacular night and 03 witching you were here. 

3. Nail & cuticle tattoos: Spooky nails: thanks to these exciting tattoos for the nails and cuticles! An easy application without water – each image is simply applied by pressing it onto the nail. Available in 01 party at the haunted house. 

4. 2in1 intensifying base & smokey kajal: Witches welcome. The black eyeshadow base in a pen-shape intensifies effects and dark colors as well as making eyeshadow last longer. It can also be used as a kajal for waterproof smokey eyes styles. Available in 01 zombies not allowed. 

5. Liquid skin illuminator: Glow for the night! The liquid highlighter gives the face and body a subtle shimmer. Available in 01 sitting, waiting, witching

6. Ornament mask: Keep your secrets! The mask made of soft fabric with an ornamental style gives every girl a mysterious and dramatic look. Suitable for all face shapes. Available in 01 from mask till dawn. 

7. False lashes: Batgirl-eyes! These bat-lashes ensure an extravagant look! Reusable and includes glue. Available in 01 the dark night rises.

8. Duo ombré lipstick: Obscure ombré. The lips are framed with the black lipliner and then colored-in with the liquid, matt texture in red or dark red to create trendy ombré lips. Available in 01 dance till dawn and 02 bloody marry me.

Thank you for reading!

4 komentarji

  1. Kako lepo si jo predstavila v tem lepem kolažu, da bi kar imela kakšen kos, čeprav me nekako ta kolekcija ne mika tako zelo:)Čeprav Liquid skin illuminator je pa nekaj zameee:)

    1. Ta kolekcija mene tudi ne mika preveč, ampak tako rada delam te kolaže :D Illuminator bi sicer znal bit zanimiv :D

  2. Samo maska mi je zanimiva, ampak sem danes videla podobno v Tediju :) Laki izgledajo dobro, samo kaj ko v živo večinoma razočarajo. We'll see :)

    1. Meni je temno rdeča senčka všeč, čudovita barva, ampak vem da sama tega ne bi nosila :D Pri lakih pa mislim, da bi modri bil zelo lep, bom počakala na kakšne swatche :)


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