11. januar 2017

2016 Favourites (Makeup)

Essence Pure Nude Make-Up
I have been using two foundations in the past year. One of them is the Catrice Nude Illusion, which is great, but I feel I need more time when applying it, because it can look a bit patchy when I have dry skin. Essence Pure Nude Make Up is my go-to, I use it every morning before school. I like that is light coverage, so it just evens out my skin a little and it's practically invisible on the skin. Review here.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
I love this concealer. Like I said before, my undereye area gets so dark sometimes, but this helps a lot, it covers almost everything. Full review here.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder Brunettes 020 Sunny
This had been my favourite for the whole year, but I never talked about it, I didn't want to take a picture, because it's all broken haha. First, I love the smell, it smells like coconut, very summery. It doesn't look orange on my skin and it blends easily. I also have a feeling it lasts the whole day.

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder 01 Natural Beige
This is probably my third Essence powder, I love it so much. I bought the Rimmel powder everybody raves about, but I haven't even used it a lot, because I just love this one. It mattifies the skin for a few hours in winter time, in summer not so much. I like to use it on top of that Essence Pure Nude Make Up, because this one adds a bit more coverage. It doesn't look cakey and it dissapears from the skin evenly after a couple of hours. This shade is a bit to dark for me right now, but in the summer it's perfect.

Essence Blush Ball 10 Peach Candy
My summer favourite. Now I use darker shade blushes, but I like to use this one when it's sunny and nice outside. It gives the nicest glow to the cheecks. Review and swatch here.

Trend It Up Powder Blush 050
And this one is my favourite in the colder months. I bought it recently and I love the shade. It doesn't last the whole day, but it does last a couple of hours on my cheeks. My favourite is the packaging, simple and round with a clear lid.

Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls
I used these bronzing pearls almost every day in summer on top of my cheeks, even when I didn't wear any other makeup. It has some shimmer in it, but it doesn't bother me, for the summer it's gorgeous, but I wouldn't use it now in winter. More here.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Golden Lights
I don't own many highlighters. When I want something more and not just a subtle glow, this is what I use. It is very pigmented and it has a gold tone to it, but it's still a bit too white on me, now it's kind of fine, but in the summer it's too light and it looks very obvious. Here I have a review.

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette
I talked about this palette a lot on my blog, so it's probably not a surprise it's in my 2016 favourites. I'm not going to repeat myself again, so you can see a review here and here it was in my October favourites.

Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer Effect Mascara Ultra Black
In the summer, Essence I Love Extreme Mascara was my favourite. I loved this one by Catrice, but it started to flake, when it was hot outside. But now in colder months it's perfect, I love the effect it gives, it doesn't clump my lashes together and it makes them very black. Even my boyfriend noticed and commented on my lashes when I started using it again at the end of October. Now I even bought a replacement. Whole review here.

Essence Eyeliner Pen
I think I haven't even tried any other eyeliner, because I'm very satisfied with this one. I repurchased it probably around seven times. It has a nice tip, so I can apply the line perfectly, even with one stroke. If I remember correctly, it never smudged, even in summer it lasted the whole day. If I don't use it on top of the eyeshadow it could last a long time, because it doesn't dry up, but I do replace it every six months or so. But if I use it on top of an eyeshadow the tip gets messed up and it dries faster.

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha
Lately I have been wearing lipstick more and this is my favourite to choose from in the morning. It's so easy to apply and it moisturises my lips as well. I always have dry lips and with this one I don't have to worry that it would emphasize my dry lips. It feels more like a balm, that you can apply very lightly for just a touch of colour or heavier for more pigmentation. Review with swatches here.

Ebelin Makeup Sponge

Ebelin Makeup Sponge
I'm so sad that I can't get this sponge anywhere anymore. I absolutely love it. When you wet it, it gets almost twice the size and it becomes very soft and it applies my foundation perfectly. Are other Ebelin sponges also so good? I have heard so much different opinions on the normal one coloured ones. This one is starting to fall apart in the middle, but I am surprised that those three pieces are still glued together like when it was new.

Part 2 of my 2016 Favourites will come in the next few days. Thank you for reading!

8 komentarjev

  1. Imava nekaj istih favoritov :). Essence bronzer sem imela že dolgo nazaj in mi je bil prav tako zelo všeč. Sploh pa je res velika embalaža. Ampak se tudi jaz spomnim, da sem mojega zlomila. :/ Druge Ebelin gobice so pretrde. Ta pisana je najboljša. Jaz skoz kupijem zaloge :). A je ni več v DMu?

    1. Bi že kupila novega, ampak je embalaža res huge in mi je škoda stran vrečt tega :) Škoda, sem si tudi mislila zalogo narediti, ker sem nekje (mislim, da v nekje v skupini na fb) videla, da je punce več ne najdejo v DMu. Jaz sem šla gledat v dva DMa pa je tudi jaz ne najdem več :/

  2. Ti si pa prva pri kateri slišim pohvale za ta puder. Ko sem iskala ocene kakšno leto nazaj, sem našla samo negativni feedback. Zato to Catrice paletko je pa škoda, da bo šla iz prodaje, čeprav nove so tudi zanimive. Meni je super :)

    1. Meni je super, zdaj pozimi mi matira vsaj za nekaj ur, poleti pa res ne zdrži najdlje, ampak pri moji mastni koži poleti itak ne zdrži noben.
      So nove tudi zanimive, ampak so mi te stare bile nekako bolj všeč, mogoče bi lahko več teh dodali. Po eni strani se mi nove tak zdijo kar podobne starim, samo pakiranje je drugačno :)

  3. Kako zanimivo. Je kar nekaj tvojih favoritov tudi mojih. :) Očitno nama ustrezajo enake stvari. ❤

    1. Po eni strani škoda, da pišeš samo o nohtih, bi z veseljem brala tudi ostale objave, tudi kakšne favorite mogoče ob koncu leta :)

  4. Super favoriti :)

    Avon kroglice so tudi meni top <3


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