December Photos

I know, I failed at posting Random Monthly Pictures. Sometimes I take a lot of pictures in one month, but sometimes just one or two. I believe in enjoying a moment and not ruining it with taking a picture, but it's so nice to look back what I was doing. For December I had a lot of pictures, so I decided to post some of them. December has been a good month. I went to Seiersberg again and finally to Ikea, I bought a drawer that I wanted for some time. And, of course, it was a festive season, I decorated my Christmas tree and I got to open my chocolate advent calendars. Everything was so festive with lights and other decorations. Also some pictures are from the beautiful frosty mornings we had in December.
I just wanted to mention that in January and at the start of February there probably won't be many posts on my blog. I have exams to study for and endless project list to do. I finish one project and then tree new come. I will try to finish my 2016 Makeup Favourites, since I already have it prepared. But for the 2016 Skincare and others, I will need more time, because the pictures didn't turn out well.

Thank you for reading!