Favourite December Blog Posts by Slovenian Bloggers

Here I am again with some of my favourite December blog posts by Slovenian bloggers. I made a post like this last year too, you can see it here. I'm sorry if I forgot someone, but there are so many Slovenian bloggers, that I really couldn't include all. I really like doing these posts, because I like supporting other bloggers, so let's get started.

1. Mateja's Beauty Blog: Top 5 Bourjois Products
2. Taya's Blog: BeYu Strobe & Define Palette
5. The Beauty of Nail Polish: Yankee Candle Holiday Party 2016 Collection
6. It's All About Makeup & Passion: Zimsko razvajanje z lepotnimi izdelki

3. Brownimalist: Predbožična Budimpešta
5. Parokeets (Maestra): Bitka Trend It Up podlag

3. Beauty of a Lemon: Christmas Kisses with Lush
4. 21st Century Girl: Predbožična Bratislava

1. Our Way Everyday: Vafelj Bar
4. Hysteria of Decay: New In #4
6. Lacquered Bits: Dior Holiday 2016 Splendor Collection

1. All Things Artsy: L'Occitane Arlésienne Collection 2016
2. Keep Calm and Wear Lipstick: New In #1
3. Rose Touch: Christmas Gift Guide #1 Avon True Color Perfect Reds Nail Enamel Ruby Slipper
4. My Little Wonderland: Catrice Victorian Poetry LE
5. Angel Beauty: Makeup Favoriti 2016
6. Dora Ward: The Perfect Festive Red Lipsticks for Christmas

Did you notice I changed my blog logo? I had kind of a festive one for December and later I wanted to put my old one back again. But the problem is, I get bored with my logos quite quickly, so I made a new one. Do you like it?
What are your favourite posts? Thank you for reading!


  1. Božični skin care je tudi meni ena mojih ljubših objav. :) Hvala za tvoje deljenje. Poljubčke*

  2. Res smo bile pridne! Hvala za omembno. Čudovito novo leto ti želim*

  3. V letu 2016 smo bile zelo pridne, v 2017 pa še bomo bolj. Hvala za vključitev v objavo! Zelo lep logo bloga, xx

  4. Ooo, hvala za vključitev v objavo. :* Zelo lepo od tebe in super ideja. :)

  5. Hvala za share in vklop Ime/URL komentiranja. <3

  6. Hvala za omembo <3 Same odlične objave, dober blogerski december je bil :)

  7. Hvala za omembo :). <3 Se mi zdi, da je december vsako leto precej pester na blogih.

  8. Super si predstavila naše decembersko pisanje in hvala za omembo. Še eno ustvarjlano leto ti želim. Maham, Nika