Aliexpress Wishlist: Stationary Edition

12. julij 2017

I love browsing through Aliexpress or e-Bay. For the last half a year I actually like Aliexpress more, it is easier to see what you are looking for and you also have other costumers reviews, I think e-Bay has this now too, but I still like Aliexpress better. I always make wishlists on my account, so I thought why wouldn't I post one on my blog, I decided for it to be stationery themed and here it's what I picked:

Aliexpress Wishlist: Stationary Edition

5. Silicone Finger Pointing Bookmarks | 6. Watercolor Geometrics Sticky Notes

Aliexpress Wishlist: Stationary Edition

4 komentarji

  1. O, Sea/Cloud/Ice/Crystal/Wood Decoration Label pa še nisem videla. I like it a lot :) Mogoče naročim verzijo z morjem.

    1. Jaz sem jih slučajno našla, zanimivo izgledajo :D