Essence Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE Nail Polish 04 Don't Be Shy

I'm a bit late with this review, I did see this collection in Müller and DM always has old collections, so you can still get it if you want it. I made a preview of the whole Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans TE from Essence here and I really wanted this nail polish. I saw a stand when I was in Austria and I had to get it. The nail polish is called 04 Don't Be Shy and it costs around 2€.

It has a classic brush that all the nail polishes from the Essence trend editions have, quite thin and straight cut, easy to work with. The formula is nice, but it is a bit chalky, but not as chalky as by some matte nail polishes. It dries fast. The shade it's just a perfect baby blue colour. The finish is semi-matte and you have to be careful when applying so the strokes aren't visible. Due to its finish, it starts to chip quite quickly.

Overall, I really like the colour, I don't really have anything similar in my collection, I'm happy that I got it. I also like that it's semi-matte, so maybe it will last a bit longer than the proper matte nail polishes.

Thank you for reading!