08. avgust 2017

Blogger Mail: Oriflame Goodies

Blogger Mail: Oriflame

Oriflame offered me a chance to try some of their products and of course, I said yes. I already own a few of their products which I love and use regularly, like the Tender Care Protecting Balm and the Eyeshadow Stick, I also loved the Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Butter. For this time a choose two cream sticks, a blush and a brush. Some products impressed me and some not so much.

Blogger Mail: Oriflame Giordani Gold Radiant Complexion Cream Stick Coral Glow and Bronze Glow

Oriflame Giordani Gold Radiant Complexion Cream Stick Coral Glow and Bronze Glow

Giordani Gold Radiant Complexion Cream Stick Coral Glow and Bronze Glow
I love these two bronzing sticks. The texture is perfect, very creamy, but not too creamy. They blend like a dream (I blend them with my fingers), especially the Bronze Glow shade and they stay for the entire day on my cheeks, but they do fade a bit through out the day. The Coral Glow doesn't show much on my cheeks, but it has a lot of shimmer that just goes everywhere. I'm not a fan of shimmery blushes, so Coral Glow didn't really impress me, but I have been using Bronze Glow a lot lately. I love it, it looks beautiful on the cheeks, it's like a bronzer and blush in one.

Blogger Mail: Oriflame The One Illusion Blush Luminous Peach

Blogger Mail: Oriflame The One Illusion Blush Luminous Peach

The One Illuskin Blush Luminous Peach
This is smaller than I expected, it contains only 4g of products. You have two sides in the blush, a peachy shade and a white one, which I think it's meant to be a highlighter. For a highlighter it doesn't work on me at all, it's too light and a bit chalky, it doesn't really have a glowy effect. But mixed with the peach side it looks really good. It gives just a bit of shimmer, which I don't mind, I like it a lot more than the peachy cream stick. It gives more of like a natural peachy shade and the shimmer stays on and doesn't go everywhere. The pigmentation is poor and it has a weird scent if you smell closely. It's not long lasting, but it will last for a few hours.

Blogger Mail: Oriflame Brush

Blogger Mail: Oriflame Brush

Oriflame Brush
I'm not a big fan of this. I like the bristles on my brushes to be quite dense and of course soft. These ones are not dense, but they are a bit longer and I did find a use for it, I really like it to apply the bronzer, because of the longer bristles it is easier to apply and blend it. Also, it's not the softest brush out there, but I also find a use for that. I use it with the Illuskin Blush, since it's a poorly pigmented blush and it picks up more colour than a softer brush would maybe do.

Blogger Mail: Oriflame Swatches

My favourite is definitely the cream stick in a shade Bronze Glow, I love the bronzy look it gives to my face, it blends quick and it lasts all day. The Illuskin Blush I have been also enjoying, even though it's not very pigmented and it doesn't have the perfect formula, the shade is just so pretty. But the brush is just a bit meh, not the best, but still not bad.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me

6 komentarjev

  1. The bronzing sticks are gorgeous! x


  2. The bronzing sticks look awesome, I love a good glow on my cheeks. Oriflame is one of the first brands I tried when I experimented with makeup, need to try more products! x


    1. Yes, especially the Bronze Glow is gorgeous :)
      I haven't tried that many Oriflame products, but for the ones I have tried I can say they were mostly good quality :)

  3. Joj, ta čopič tudi meni ni všeč =( Izgleda pa bronzer res zelo lepo!

    1. Ščetine bi lahko bile bolj mehke ja, drugače pa oblika čopiča mi sedaj pride kar prav, ker imam samo enega podobnega in ga ne rabim čistit vsakih par dni :P


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