Catrice Brown Collection Nail Lacquer 04 Unmistakable Style

This is the first product that I bought from the new Catrice Autumn/Winter Update. On my wishlist I had two other shades, but in the store this one seemed the prettiest. There weren't all the new products in the store yet, the ones that were didn't impress me much, except for the blush sticks, but they didn't have the shade I wanted anymore.

The packaging of the Brown Collection Nail Lacquers is the same as by the ICONails, glass square bottle, which is easy to store. The only difference is that the cap is rose gold and metallic, as well as some details on the bottle. It has a double cap, which I love. The bottle contains 10,5ml, it bought mine in Müller for 3,29€.

The brush is the same as by ICONails range, quite thick and round cut. I adore it, it's so easy to get an even application. The texture also feels the same as by ICONails nail polishes, a bit creamy. It could be opaque in one coat, but I do two, for full opaqueness and shine. It dries very quicky. It is a shimmery nail polish, so it is a bit harder to remove. I put my nails in those nail polish remover sponges, that removes the colour, but then I remove the shimmer that's left with the cotton pad and regular nail polish remover and it doesn't take me a lot of time at all.

Catrice Brown Collection Nail Lacquer 04 Unmistakable Style

There are five shades in the Brown Collection, I bought the 04 Unmistakable Style. It is a dark brown shade with reddish undertones and it contains gold/rose gold shimmer. It looks gorgeous on the nails and very shiny, due to the acai oil. I photographed the swatches on the sun, so you can see how it shimmers.

When I first saw it in Müller, I knew I had to get it and I am glad I did. I can imagine wearing it a lot in autumn and winter time. Thank you for reading!


  1. Ravno tega sem si predvečraj ogledovala v Tuš Drogeriji, ampak nisem bila povsem prepričana glede odtenka. A zdaj vidim, da bi ga morala kupiti, saj je res popoln odtenek za jesenske dni. xx

    1. Sama nisem ravno navdušena nad rjavimi odtenki, sploh tistimi bolj svetlimi, ta pa je čudovit :D