24. avgust 2017

Paese Nail Polish 102

Paese Nail Polish 102

Slovenian bloggers got a couple of products from Paese at this years SummerMBeauty event in Maribor. Bloggers quicky started to sing praises about the nail polish we got, I have seen some really good things about this being the best white nail polish they have tried. I really like some of their other products, but I am not so impressed by this polish. I'm talking about Paese nail polish in shade 102.

Paese Nail Polish 102

I like the design, square glass bottle with a black cap. The formula is nice and pigmented, but I would like it more if it was creamier as by Essence's Wild White Days. If I'm considering that most of the white nail polishes I had, had a chalky formula this one is not bad at all, maybe I was just spoilt and used to the Essence one, which is perfect for my taste.

Paese Nail Polish 102

The brush is very thin and straight cut, it's a bit difficult to work with, especially when you are clumsy like me and when you are working with this formula. Shade 102 is a classic white and for full opaqueness, you are going to need two coats. It started to chip fast on my nails, I think it was even on the second day (but I do have weak nails).

Paese Nail Polish 102 Swatch

It's not bad, but I would change the brush for it to be thicker and round cut, so it would be easier to apply the nail polish. I would also change the name, I just don't like when the makeup products are named with numbers, I like fun names for them. Despite all of that, it's a decent white nail polish, I will definitely keep it in my collection, but as I said, I prefer Essence's Wild White Days.

Thank you for reading!

*I got this product at a blogger event

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