New In #25

Another New In post is here. These couple of months I have been shopping a bit more, not only for makeup, but also for clothes and some other stuff. Now I finally bought a new camera, so I really need to limit my spendings. So next new in post probably won't be anytime soon, I decided to only buy products that I ran out of or I need, maybe buy a product or two if I really want them and I know I will use, but that's it. The pictures for this post didn't turn out how I wanted them to, these are still taken with my phone, but new ones will be better, I hope :)

Balea Sweet Mango Tuchmaske
The scent is very strong, it smells a bit like Nestea iced tea. I think the sheet is the same as by the Born to be Lazy one, but it seemed to be just a bit more moisturized, but still not what I would expect it to be. It dries in 15-20 Minutes. Surprisingly it still nourished my skin more than the Born to be Lazy one, but I didn't notice anything other than that. In my opinion not worth those 99 cents, I much prefer the Aqua version.

Balea Reichhaltige Maske mit Hyaluron & Avocado-Öl and Straffende Maske mit Hyaluron & Wildrosen-Extrakt
These masks are supposed to be used overnight, but I'm not sure how, the product would just go everywhere. The scent by the green one was nice, but a bit strong. I really liked the effect in the first couple of minutes, it felt cooling on the skin. I feel it nourished my skin quite well, I didn't feel the need to moisturize my skin before going to bed. For me there was too much product in the packaging, I divided it and used it two times. The pink one was very similar, but not as good as the green one.

Ombia Eye Make-Up Remover
My favourite makeup remover for about a year now. It costs around 2,5€ and for such a big bottle this is a great price. I buy it in Hofer (Aldi) and they often have sales going on and you can get them for even cheaper. It removes every mascara I have ever tried without problems. It does leave a slight film, but it doesn't blur my vision.

Balea Born to be Lazy Tuchmaske, Ebelin 50 Maxi-Pads, Duschgel, Body lotion
I have a review on all of these here. If I'm honest, the only product that I use now, are the maxi-pads, because they are convenient for everything, makeup removing, nail polish removing or even cleaning the dust from my makeup space. I like the body lotion and the shower gel too, but I try to finish some older ones I have right now. The mask wasn't my favourite from the start.

Balea Pflegecreme
I was eyeing this super cute retro creams everytime I was in DM, but I always said to myself that I have enough of hand creams and I don't need any more of them. But this time I finally bought one. I really like how it smells, it is a mix between coconut and cherry, but mostly cherry, you can't smell coconut much, but I like that. The packaging is not the best, it is hard to open sometimes, but I can overlook that, because it's so cute.

Bilou Tasty Donut Pflegender Cremeschaum and Vanilla Cake Pop Cremiger Duschschaum
I was in Austria and I had to go to Bipa and pick up these two. I really like the idea of a shower or a body foam, it's more fun to use. Tasty Donut body foam smells so good, like some candy or something, but I can't figure out which ones. Vanilla Cake Pop shower foam is not my favourite, it's too artificial for my taste. They both were 3,95€, which is quite expensive.

Balea Cake Pop Handschaum and Sweet Cake Duschschaum
These are dupes for the Bilou ones. If I'm honest, I don't think I will buy Bilou ones anymore, these are just as good and half cheaper. I will make a comparison between these.

Avon Bubble Gum Bubble Bath*
This smells exactly like those bubble gums that come with a tattoo inside, very sweet and sugary. It's creamy and the scent doesn't last a long time. The bottle is huge, so it will last me for some time.

Avon Mark Eye Primer*
I finally have one of these. This is probably Avon's most hyped up product, besides their lipsticks. I haven't been wearing eyeshadow a lot lately, so I only tried it a couple of times. I like that it covers the veins on my eyelids. The eyeshadow does stay longer on, basically, these couple of times that I had it on, eyeshadows didn't crease.

Avon Nail Style Studio Pink Illusion Nail Enamels in Digital Illusion and Glam Rock*
I haven't properly tried them, but the Digital Illusion looks more like a topper, it's not very pigmented, so you would probably need a lot of coats if you would want to wear it on its own. Glam Rock has a sand effect and it's more pigmented.

Essence Superlast Eyeliner, Fresh & Fit Awake Primer and Instant Volume Boost Mascara*
A full review here. I really like the mascara and the effect it gives to my lashes. I have fully got used to the eyeliner and now I use it daily. The primer is okay.

Essence Coast'n'Chill TE Velvet Matt Lipsticks in 01 Smooth & Move* and 02 Smooth & Groove*
Catrice Blessing Browns LE Matt Lip Cream C02 Café Noir
Review with swatches here. I love the Smooth & Move lipstick, I have been wearing it a lot lately.

Avon Eve Duet Eau de Parfum*
Eve Duet is a new fragrance by Avon. It is supposed to be a three in one fragrance, you can use each side separately or combine them for a unique scent. I like the idea, but I have a lot of perfumes, so this one I will give away to one of my readers.

Avon Nail Files*
These are so cute and small, they will be perfect to have in my bag.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer in Orange You Happy (matte) and Nudeitude (shine)*
Avon finally came out with liquid lipsticks. There are 10 matte lipsticks and 10 shiny ones. When I first saw the orange shade I didn't think it would suit me, but it actually does, I like it. It is matte, applies well and it doesn't look patchy. The Nudeitude, which has a shiny effect is too light for my skin tone and it doesn't suit me at all.

L.O.V Cosmetics EYEvotion Luxurious Eyeshadow Palette 710 Devoted To Metallics, THE GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette 010 Rose Addiction, LIPaffair Colour & Care Lipstick Metalic 603 Bronze Sculpting, LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara 100 Seductive Black*
I just got these L.O.V products a couple of days ago. I was eyeing the eyeshadow palettes, but couldn't justify buying one (each is 14,99€), I'm so happy I got sent one. The highlighting and bronzing palette looks amazing. I already tried the mascara, it's nice, the formula it's still very wet, but it gives a nice effect to my lashes. The lipstick looks so luxurious (as well as all the other products), it has a magnetic closure, which is very satisfying.

Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil 533
I love the colour of this pencil, it's just what I have been looking for. It's matte, but sometimes it starts to settle into the lines and it can look very dry on the lips, so you have to prepare your lips very well. It isn't long lasting. Full review coming soon.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me


  1. Jaz sem zadnjič tudi kupila še eno Bilou peno. Sem našla eno LE v Avstriji in se nisem mogla upret embalaži, čeprav je to kar drago zame in za nekaj s čim se bom tuširala. Po navadi ne zapravljam za te izdelke :D.

    Zeleno Balea masko sem jaz tudi preizkusila in isto kot ti, mi je za dvakrat. Preveč za samo eno uporabo. Meni pa je bil vonj ful všeč :).

    L.O.V. osvetljevalci izgledajo fantastično. Jaz sem navdušena nad vsemi izdelki, ki sem jih dobila. So me prav pozitivno presenetili.

    1. Sem vidla tiste Halloween LE, ko sem bila v Avtriji, me je sicer mikalo, da bi eno vzela, ampak sem se zadržala :P Pri meni je enako, mislim da mi je celo Balejina ljubša, tako da bom raje to kupila :)

      Za vonj se zdaj sploh ne spomnim več kakšen je bil, vem samo, da ni bil moteč :D

      Moja je malce slabše pigmentirana, pa še mogoče je malo presvetla za mene. S prvim odtenkom si nimam nič za začet, drugi je kul, bronzer pa mi je celo všeč, ker ne rabim pazit, da bi nanesla preveč :D