October Favourites 2017

I rarely do monthly favourites because I feel I don't have time for them because I plan each post for quite a long time, I can't just write it in one day, like some bloggers do. But I do enjoy making them because that means I get to write about the products that I use a lot but they maybe don't get a full separate review and I just don't mention them anywhere. So here are my October favourites, I did forget some great products that I have been using a lot lately, but I will include them in the November favourites, that I hope I will have time to post.

4 Kids and Us Rejuvenating Day Cream
I absolutely love it, this is probably my favourite skincare product I have ever used. I only have just about ten uses left and I'm so sad that I won't be able to use it anymore. It's such a nourishing texture that sinks into the skin fast. I use it in my night routine, my skin still feels soft and moisturized in the morning when I wake up. I would definitely buy it again, if it wasn't so expensive, it costs 50€. I have a review here. I did mention before that it had a strong propolis scent, but now I got used to it and I like it.

Melvita Nectar de Miels Ultra Nourishing Comforting Balm
Another favourite in the last couple of months. This one I use in the morning after I clean my face. My skin is already starting to get drier in these colder days and it feels so good on my skin. It also smells amazing. It does need a few minutes to sink in, so I have to wait with applying my makeup in the morning.  I never really had problems with my skin, but using this one with the 4 Kids and Us one, makes my skin look so good. Before I sometimes got a few tiny spots on my forehead, but not anymore, my skin cleared up and it looks very healthy and shiny. This one costs around 35€, I would gladly buy them both, if I had the money, because in my opinion they are worth it and my skin loves them. Review here.

Essence Super Last Eyeliner Deep Black
I talked about it here. I have been using the eyeliner a lot lately, almost every day. I got used to it and now it only takes me seconds to apply it. I love how black it is and it doesn't smudge. 

Essence Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension Mascara
Lately, I tried a lot of mascaras that I liked, but this one seems to be the one that I pick when I'm in a hurry. I can rely on it to make my lashes look good and that it won't smudge or give me panda eyes. Review with pictures here.

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
I use this brow gel to tame my baby hair. I don't even use hairspray anymore. This feels so lightweight, I can't even feel it on my hair. It doesn't completely stick my hair down like a hairspray can, but it just tames the hair. It basically looks like nothing on my hair. I already purchased another one.

Malinca Clay Mask
I use this mask once or sometimes twice a week, when my skin feels a bit dirty. I love the feeling after I remove it, my skin feels clean and glowy, but not very dry. I love it. Review here.

Oriflame The One Moisture Gel
I didn't expect a lot from this, I just didn't think a consistency like this would nourish my cuticles well, but it does. I apply a thicker coat on my cuticles and nails, usually when I'm working on my computer, then I leave it for a couple of minutes and in the meantime, the product already sinks into the skin. I did notice my cuticles are not as dry now, I don't even use a hand cream so often anymore.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder
I had this powder for about a year now, I tried it once, but it wasn't my favourite. I started using it again on the warmer days and when my skin wasn't so dry, even now in October. It did keep my skin matte, just for a couple of hours, but good enough. But I did notice that I can't really wear it anymore, now when my skin is dry because it empathizes dry patches and it can look cakey around my nose and eyebrow area.

Trend It Up Powder Blush 050
This has been the blush I have been reaching for ever since we got the autumnal weather because it's that perfect muted rose shade. I love that it's not very pigmented, so I don't have to worry to apply too much in the morning. I love the shade, it's perfect for autumn/winter time. I put it in my 2016 Favourites as well.

Ombia Cosmetics Brush
I said I'm not the biggest fan of this brush in one of my New Ins, but I love it now. I use it for bronzer and it's so easy to apply it and also blend it because of the long and not so dense bristles. I finally found a perfect brush for that.

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette
I also had this palette in my last years October Favourites and also in my 2016 Favourites and I still love it. I have other neutral palettes, but this one seems to be the one that I always reach for. It's small and I can have it in my everyday makeup stash. I don't use first three shades anymore, most of the times I mix together the last two shadows and mostly just apply them on my under eye corners, close to the lash line to give my eyes some definition. They stay on for the entire day. Review here.

Essence Coast'n'Chill TE Velvet Matt Lipstick Smooth & Groove
I have a review of two lipsticks from the Coast'n'Chill TE by Essence here. Lately, I have been wearing lipsticks a lot. I loved this darker one, because it's such a nice colour, it's not too dark, so it's nothing dramatic, but it gives my lips a bit of a darker mauve purple colour.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Zanimivi izdelki! Se jih kar nekaj najde v redni uporabi tudi pri meni. ❤ Sem tudi jaz zaljubljena v Coast'n'Chill tekočo šminko, nor izdelek za smešno ceno.

    1. Ja, šminka je res čudovita, škoda da jih nimajo v redni ponudbi :)

  2. Lani sem tudi jaz uporabljala to kremo za obraz od 4 kids and us in je bila krasna, potem ko sem se navadila vonja. Se pa strinjam glede cene. :)

    1. Odlična je, pa je sploh ne pretiravam :D Takoj bi kupila novo, mogoče do 20€ bi še dala, 50€ pa je definitivno preveč za moj študentski budget :/

  3. Ta paletka od Catrice je tudi ena mojih najljubših :)

    1. Imam nekaj drugih boljše kakovosti, ampak ta je vedno na dosegu roke, ker je ravno prave velikosti in barve so super za mene :D