15. december 2017

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour Perfect Pink

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour Perfect Pink

I already talked about one Avon's BB nail polish, called Restoring Beige, here. This time I will write about a shade called Perfect Pink. In my older post, I already said what this formula is all about, it's supposed to strengthen the nails, make them look healthier and basically give them protection.

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour Perfect Pink

The bottle is again a classic for Avon. You get 10ml for 5,90€, but they are usually on sale. I like the brush, I talked about it numerous of times, it's straight cut and thin, easy to work withThe formula is a bit different than by the other one, it feels like that pastel formula and it is a bit harder to work with. I applied three coats and I had to be really careful when applying so it looked okay. 

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour Perfect Pink

The shade Perfect Pink is really pale pink shade with a peachy undertoneThe lasting power is quite good, on some nails on my right hand it did chip quite fast, on the second day already, but on the left hand, it looked great till the fourth-fifth day.

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nail Colour Perfect Pink Swatch

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Full je lepa pink nude barva. In pri meni se je dobro odrezala brez pod in nad laka. Če bi bila pa res negovalna na dolg rok, pa malo dvomim.

    1. Sem že pri prejšnjem zapisala, da nisem opazila nobenega efekta. Ampak so takšni lepi nude odtenki, ki jih ne najdeš ravno povsod :D

  2. Loving this color! So pretty and neat <3


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