Empties #12

Empties #12 - Lana Talks

Empties #12 Balea Oil Repair Haaröl

Balea Oil Repair Haaröl
A really nice hair oil. I mostly used it before I washed my hair, I put a few pumps on my hair and left it for a half an hour or more. I also used it on dry hair after I washed it, it was okay, but I prefer the Avon's hair oil for that. The only thing that bothered me is, that the bottle started to leak pretty quickly and I couldn't lay it down in my drawer.

Balea Straffende Maske and Born to be Lazy Tuchmaske
I reviewed the Straffende Maske here and the Tuchmaske here. I forgot to include the green version of the first one, I also used up that one. I really liked the green one, this pink wasn't bad either. I'm not sure if these are limited edition, but DM still had some last week. I also repurchased the green one. The Tuchmaske wasn't what I expected it to be, it dried quickly and it basically did nothing for my skin.

Empties #12 Afrodita Red Grapes Shower Gel

Afrodita Red Grapes Shower Gel
This is my all-time favourite shower gel. I always have one backup of it. It smells amazing, just like red grapes. It has a creamy consistency. I always buy a big bottle so it lasts me a long time.

Empties #12 Nivea Sunscreen Avon Body Butter

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Sunscreen
This was my favourite sunscreen for two years. Even though it's an oil, it sinks into the skin quickly, it does leave a film on the skin for a while, but it doesn't feel sticky or greasy. I can't really say much if the bronze part works because I get tanned very easily. Do consider that it leaves stains, I haven't noticed them anywhere, except on my white t-shirt that I used to put over my swimsuits.

Avon Sun+ After Sun Body Butter
One of my favourites lately, I'm happy that I already have a backup. I like the scent, it's a very basic scent, I think it smells like shea butter. It lasted me for a while, it moisturized my skin well and it didn't leave a sticky film after.

Empties #12 4 Kids and Us Melvita

4 Kids and Us Rejuvenating Cream
Melvita Nectar de Miels Ultra Nourishing Comforting Balm
I talked about these two a lot, recently in my October Favourites, I won't repeat myself, so here is a link to the favourites post.

Empties #12 Fragrances

Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Shower Gel
This is quite old. I got it in a set with the perfume (which is my favourite ever), but the shower gel was too strong and too sweet for me, so I gave it to my mom because she said she will use it. From then it was in our shower and nobody used it, so I just decided to throw it away.

Bruno Banani Magic Woman
My second favourite perfume. I repurchased quite a lot of bottles in my teens. When it got the point where there was just a bit left in it, I got into the savings mode and saved it like it costs a hundred euros. Now I finally decided to use it up completely and I remembered how much I used to love it. I would repurchase it, but I have a lot of perfumes that I want to use (up) first.

Empties #12 - Lana Talks

Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara
I did a review of this mascara and I also put it in my October Favourites. I really like it, it makes my lashes look incredible and it doesn't smudge. I already repurchased it.

Catrice 3D Lash Multimizing Mascara
I'm so sad that they discontinued this one, I loved it. The wand was great and it didn't clump my lashes together. It really reminded me of the Maybelline's Rocket mascara. Review here

Blistex Classic Lip Protector
I really liked this a couple of years ago, it helped my lips even on the coldest days. The consistency wasn't my favourite because it was quite creamy, but I liked the scent. Throughout the years, I had a few other scents too, but I lost them all, this one was the only one that didn't get lost, but it started to get bad, so I needed to throw it away.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat
Again, I used to love it, but it gets thick so quickly, that I had to repurchase it every second month. Now I rarely use it. But it does make my nail polish stay on longer and it makes it shiny.

Empties #12 Balea

Balea Fuss Lotion
I am not sure about the scent, sometimes I liked it, but sometimes I felt it was too minty. I liked the effect, a bit cooling, but nothing special in terms of nourishing.

Balea Hand & Nagel Balsam Kamille
I have repurchased this hand cream a couple of times, it nourishes my skin enough, it sinks in quickly and it doesn't leave a film. Plus it has a nice chamomile scent.

Empties #12 Testers

Skinfood Royal Honey Essential Queen's Cream
I was so surprised how good this was. The tester was enough for once. The consistency was nice and nourishing. I love honey products, but they can smell a bit artificial, but this one smelled more natural. I really liked it.

Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask
This mask contains AHA acids, which should gently remove dead cells. It has a gel consistency and it feels a bit cooling on the skin. I liked the effect, but it was too harsh for my liking.

Subrina Classic Care & Moisture Conditioner
I always liked Subrina's hair products, so I used this right when I got it. It's great, it makes my hair feel better and softer.

Biobaza Body Milk
One tester was enough so I could use it on my legs. It's nice, it spreads easily and sinks quickly. It didn't leave a film, but it moisturized the skin quite well. I didn't like the scent.

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  1. To Balea olje je edino, ki ga mami uporablja in ona je še skoraj bolj tečna glede olj kot jaz (sem ji morala iskat par mesecev točno tega v nekaj DM-ih, ker ni bilo nikjer na zalogi). Sama imam roza verzijo, ki ima še toplotno zaščito.

    Oh, jaz pa tega Afrodita grozdnega vonja ne prenesem. Takoj me spomne na trgatev, pa kako je vedno mrzlo, vse lepljivo in kako hočem čim prej domov :D Pa še grozdja ne maram. Sem pa losjon poslala v Kanado, ker vsi hvalite to linijo.

    Magic Woman sem imela pa tudi jaz, samo sem se ga hitro naveličala, čeprav je lušen vonj. Delam pa čisto isto kot ti s parfumi. Moj Fame se je celo pokvaril in sem ga zadnje dni intenzivno špricala, kljub tisti grozni zatohli alkoholni noti, ki jo dobijo parfumi. Jao meni :D

    1. Fajno je ja. Ampak mi je takoj začelo točit. Ta olja in spreje imam v predalu, tega pa sem zaradi tega morala imeti posebej nekje, da se ni čisto razlil :/ Sem videla pri tebi tega roza ja, mogoče ga nasledljič kupim. A tebi tudi pušča?

      Haha zadnja leta pa je res vedno mrzlo in mokro med trgatvijo, sem se sicer že navadila :D Jaz pa obožujem grozdje, tudi bonbone, sploh tisti grozdni mentosi so mi super :D

      Sem imela dva pokvarjena pa sem isto delala, ker mi jih je bilo škoda :D Ampak potem, ko sem začela dobivati migrene, sem raje vse stran vrgla :)

  2. Tisto Balea masko (ta roza malo) sem ravno včeraj gledala, pa sem se potem odločila, da pride drugič na vrsto ;)

    Afroditin tuš gel pa noooroooo diši, ko se tuširam z njim, cela hiša diši ;)

    1. Meni je zelena veliko bolj všeč, mi deluje nekako bolj osvežilna na koži :)

      Jaa, še ena, ki je navdušena nad njim :D