Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum

11. december 2017

Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum

For The ONE Disguise collection, Oriflame teamed up with one of Europe’s best fashion schools – the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The collection is inspired by the optical illusion trend, they wanted to create a bold and unique look. This post is about the Eau de Parfum, but in the collection, there are also some lipsticks and nail polishes.

Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum

Oriflame's The ONE Disguise Eau de Parfum comes in a clear and square bottle with some bright orange details on the front of the bottle. It is very cool looking with spikes on the side and on the front of the packaging, it seems it's more targeted to younger girls. On the top, it has a silver lid with an O on the top, for Oriflame. The spray cap works well. In the bottle, you get 50ml of product for 32,90€.

Oriflame The One Disguise Eau de Parfum

It a simple, quite light and fruity fragrance. I like these kinds of scents, so it's no surprise I love this one. Notes of the Disguise Eau de Parfum are raspberry, vanilla and pink buds. At first, it starts very sweet and a bit floral, but then it develops into a sweet and fruity scent, I also smell hints of vanillaThe lasting power is fantastic, it lasts the whole day, on my scarf I can even smell it for the next few days. I really like that it's not one of those strong scents, I get migraines and because of that, I don't wear strong perfumes often anymore. I feel this one would be the perfect Christmas gift for that girl in your life that prefers sweet and lighter scents.

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  1. Preveč imam parfumov, ne potrebujem še enega, haha ;)

    1. Ne vem sicer kakšen okus imaš za parfume, ampak mislim, da bi ti bil všeč :D