Products I Want to Use Up in 2018

I decided to make a challenge and try to use up some of my products again. I made one of these back in 2015, if you are interested you can see it here. Some of the products I love, but I want to use up, so I can try some other ones, some of the products are not my favourite or are just old. I'm not sure if I will do any other updates on this challenge, except at the end of the year, we will see how everything goes. With some of the products I don't expect that they will be hard to use up, but some I can image I will struggle.

Products I Want to Use Up in 2018 - Project pan

Oriflame Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Primer
I got this one just recently and I really like it. I don't wear primer on an everyday basis, but I wore this one a lot. It is liquidy and it has a pump that you can't really control. The primer makes my foundation apply smoother and I also noticed that with this primer my foundation looks smoother around my nose and eyebrows. It doesn't look dry or patchy, even in the evening and after a workout, my foundation still looks good. It is the first primer that I'm actually using on an everyday basis. I feel that it won't take me very long to finish it.

Essence Pure Nude Make Up
I have been using this foundation for a long time now and it just doesn't want to be empty. It is a very lightweight foundation, that mostly evens out my skin tone, but I love it for everyday wear. I feel it would be empty soon, so I just put it in this post. Review here.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
This one is starting to get a bit dry, it's also just a bit left in there, so I'm trying to finish it up so I can buy a new one. I have a review here and also a comparison with a concealer from Essence here.

Essence The Beach House TE Duo Blush
The blush is from a summer trend edition by Essence, called The Beach House. This blush has been my favourite in summer months, it just looks so beautiful on the skin. I love orangey and peachy blushes for summer. I was debating which one to choose because I have quite a few similar, but this one seemed the easier to use up or at least hit pan on.

Annemarie Börlind Loose Powder with Hyaluronic Acid
I completely forgot about this after I did a review. It wasn't my favourite in summer because it didn't mattify my skin well so I will try it again now in winter. It is a mini size, so it shouldn't get me long to finish it.

Avon Shine Burst Gloss Stick Iced Mocha
I loved this one when I got it, but I forgot about it. It is a hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It is very creamy, but I mostly like the shade. I stopped using it because the twisting mechanism worked strangely, but I don't have much left, so I will still try and finish it. Review with swatches here.

Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder
I did a review of this one just before it was discontinued. I like it, but it takes me so long to finish it. I mostly use it under my eyes when I apply the concealer to set it well. I want to finish it because I have some unopened loose powders that I want to try.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Radiant Complexion Cream Stick Bronze Glow
Again, a forgotten product. I wore it lots in Summer because it looks really good with my tanned skin so this one will have to wait a bit. It doesn't seem like it's a lot of product in there, so I hope I will succeed and finish it. You can see the swatches here.

Products I Want to Use Up in 2018 - Project pan

Avon Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo
I used this again this week after quite some time and I still prefer Batiste. But it's still a nice alternative. I just don't like the scent, it's strong and I can still smell it after a couple of hours.

Avon Nutra Effects Refreshing Gel Cleanser
Not a fan of this one. I much prefer my Balea Waschgel. This one doesn't foam much and I feel that I need more of it. It has a weird scent, but I got used to it. Now I mostly use it to remove swatches from my hands, it does quite a good job, it doesn't really remove liquid lipstick, but it's great with eyeshadows.

Biobaza Lip Balm
I like this one a lot, but since it's so waxy I only use it at night before I go to sleep. Since I still use it every day I hope I will be able to finish it quickly, but lip balms don't usually go fast for me.

Avon Naturals Cosy Vanilla & Sandalwood Body Spray
I loved the scent of this one when I bought it, but I got bored of it quickly. It is quite a strong and very sugary scent. I really want to try to finish it and also be careful not to use much, because it can quickly be too much.

Avon Skin so Soft Silky Moisture Nourishing Dry Oil Spray
This is not my favourite, it smells weird and alcoholy. I mix it with my lightweight lotions to give my skin a bit more nourishment, but I will still be happy when it's gone. It just started to leak everywhere. I was lucky that I had it in a plastic box and not directly in my new drawer.

Balea Handschaum Cake Pop
I quite like this one, but I much prefer the Bilou one, the foam is much foamier and fluffy. And the scent of this one isn't the best, it smells quite artificial. More about these Balea and Bilou foams you can see in my 2017 favourites.

Thank you for reading!

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