Trying Balea Face Masks

Trying Balea Face Masks

I have been using Balea's face masks for years now, but I never really experimented, I always stick to the ones I have known and loved. Now I decided to test some more and I'm glad I did because I found a new favourite. The final inspiration for this post was Mateja's Asian Sheet Mask review, that you can check here. You can get Balea face masks in DM stores and they usually cost from 0,79€ to 0,99€, a few are 1,99€. 

Sheet Masks

Trying Balea Face Masks Sheet Masks

Balea Aqua Tuchmaske

Balea Aqua Sheet Mask

I have been buying this Aqua mask for so long, I have repurchased so many of these. The mask is most suitable for dry and very dry skin. There is no alcohol, no aluminium salts and all that stuff. It does contain algal extract, almond oil, as well as the rosehip oil. It says on the packaging to leave it on your face for 10 minutes, but I always leave it longer. Then you should massage in what remains on the skin.

Sheet and scent: The sheet is quite thick and a bit big, the holes are big enough for eyes and mouth, but they could be a bit bigger. The sheet is soaking, there is even plenty of essence left in the packaging. I always squeeze the essence out of the sheet and use it on my face before I go to sleep or even the next day. The scent is quite nice, but a bit artificial.
Effect: I love this sheet mask for the summertime, especially on vacations or when I have been in the sun all day. It feels cooling and relaxing on the skin. It brightens my skin, it hydrates it and I love how my skin feels after use.
Would I recommend? Yes.

Balea Beauty Effect Tuchmaske
Balea Beauty Effect Sheet Mask

This mask was new to me. It is supposed to be for all skin types. It contains hyaluronic acids, Vitamin E, Provitamin B5. It is supposed to make your skin bright, very moisturized, the vitamins should make it soft and calm. It also should reduce wrinkles. Again, it says to leave it on for 10 minutes. 

Sheet and scent: The sheet is the same as with Aqua mask, thick. Again, there was a lot of essence. It has a very strong alcohol scent that I could smell for the whole time I had the mask on my face.
Effect: First when I put it on, it felt nice, but not cooling. I left it on for 20-25 minutes and the sheet became quite dry, except the forehead and cheeks were still wet. I didn't find it very moisturizing. It was a bit brightening and it did fill in my smile lines and my skin felt smoother, but it's nothing special.
Would I recommend? Maybe. It's not that bad.

Balea Vital Tuchmaske

Balea Vital Sheet Mask

Again, a new product for me. This mask is supposed to be for more mature skin types. It is supposed to make your skin look younger, moisturize the skin and reduce the wrinkles. It contains argan oil, hyaluronic acids, Provitamin B5.

Sheet and scent: The sheet was soaking with essence. The sheet felt thinner than by the other two, although the holes for eyes and mouth and the same. I had the mask on for half an hour and the sheet was still wet. I liked the scent, nice and not too strong.
Effect: It felt cooling on the skin for the entire time. My skin looked more radiant and glowy,  healthy and nourished. Even the next day my skin looked noticeably better and brighter. This is my favourite out of these three, I already repurchased it a couple of times.
Would I repurchase? Absolutely.

Regular Masks

Trying Balea Face Masks

Balea Tropical Dream Maske (Limited Edition)

Tropical Dream Mask (Limited Edition)

This was a limited edition, but it's still available in my DMs. It's suitable for every skin type. They say this mask has a pampering formula with pineapple extract, coconut water and almond oil. It's supposed to make your skin silky and smooth. You should leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. I can use the whole pack for at least five times, each side I have for 2-3 uses. After, you can leave it on your skin and massage it in, or rinse it off.

Texture and scent: It has a thicker white consistency, it's easy to apply spread, similar to Milk & Honey. It has a tropical, fruity scent, mostly like pineapple.
Effect: I can't say this mask did something for my skin, there was no visible effect, my skin did feel a bit smoother, but nothing more.
Would I recommend? No.

Balea Milch & Honig Mask

Milk & Honey Mask

This is one of the masks that I have used for years now. It protects and nourishes the skin, it improves elasticity and binds moisture. It contains macadamia nut oil, almond milk and Vitamin ENow, reading on DMs site, I have actually realised I don't have to wash it off, I can just massage it into the skin. It does feel like that type of mask, but I never thought about this. You should leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes. 

Texture and scent: Texture is on a thicker side. It smells nice, exactly like milk and honey, but it's not a strong scent.
Effect: This mask is one of my favourites for years, I use it all year round. It's perfect for dry skin in winter so it nourishes it and also in summer, so it helps the skin recover from the sun. My skin feels well nourished after I use it.
Would I recommend? Yes.

Balea Rich Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Oil

Balea Rich Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Oil

Rich Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Oil

This is one of the newer face masks from Balea. There was a whole limited edition with some of these masks and some sheet masks, but now I think they put these in the regular assortment. I have tried two of these, one was pink and I didn't like it as much, you can see a review of that one here. On the other side, this green one really impressed me. This is supposed to be an overnight mask, but I can't imagine sleeping with this, so I left it on for maybe half an hour. In the packaging, you get enough mask for two uses.

Texture and scent: Texture is creamy and jelly-like, it looks off-white in the packaging, but when you put it on the skin it's clear. It has a nice and mild scent, nothing too strong.
Effect: It feels nice and cooling on the skin for the whole time I have it on. It also moisturizes it well. I like it.
Worth purchasing? Yes.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oo lušztna objava! Obužujem maske. Vidim, da bom morala probati Vital sheet masko. :D