June and July Favourites 2018

Lana Talks | June and July Favourites 2018

Again, a combined favourites post. I didn't have time to write the June one and I actually didn't try a lot of new products. In this favourites, there are mostly old favourites that I rediscovered or I thought they needed another mention because I like them so much.

Lana Talks | June and July Favourites 2018

Balea Sweet Cake Duschschaum
This was such a positive surprise. I thought these shower foams would be for a couple of uses and then the can will be empty, but I have used this one for so long and it still doesn't feel even half empty. For this particular Balea foam, I can say that I even like it better than Bilou'sThe consistency is fluffy and airy and the scent is amazing, to me it smells like freshly baked vanilla cake.

Malinca Raspberry Body Peeling
I raved about this a lot of times, here is a review. I like it so much that I really save it for special occasions. Like I said in the review, the peeling is rough, but not harsh and the scent is the best part, like a raspberry jam, but even better. By the way, Malinca doesn't pay me to mention this peeling so much on my blog, they just sent me the product and that's it. But there will be a giveaway on my Instagram in August where you could win one.

Lana Talks | June and July Favourites 2018

Avon Naturals Hydrating Face Spritz Aloe & Cotton
An old favourite, I use it more now in summer when it gets very hot. I just spray it over my face and it feels refreshing and a bit hydrating. The scent is nice and mild. It doesn't irritate my skin, it actually seems to calm it a bit.

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On
Like I said in the review, I really like using this roll-on. I got a new job and I have a few other stuff right now, so I am very tired lately. I always have dark under eyes, but when I'm tired it's even worse. Don't expect a miracle with this cream, it doesn't erase the darkness around the eyes, which I didn't even expect, but it does reduce the puffy look and gives a cooling and refreshing feeling. 

Green Line Basic Moisturizing Cream
I didn't know what to think about this cream when I first started using it, I thought it broke me out. The problem was that I was using a few other new skincare bits, so I wasn't sure. I tried some combinations and in the end, I returned to my old routine, but it wasn't any better. I guess it's just stress and my very bad diet lately. In terms of the cream, it has a lightweight and airy texture, it smells like apples and it sinks in fast. It's hydrating, but I still have to use something more nourishing a few days of the week because it's not enough sometimes. For around 4€ this is a great find, especially if you consider you get 100ml of product.

Lana Talks | June and July Favourites 2018

L.O.V BROWtittude Professional Eyebrow Palette No. 500 Blonde Perfection
I find it funny how just a few posts back I said I don't really use brow products, but now I can't live without this palette anymore. I'm still getting used to this, so I use the lightest out of the two powdery shadows, and fill the brows in, so it's not as harsh if I mess up something. Review here. It just bothers me that it's in such a big palette, I would lose the stencils and the tweezers (they are useless) and just keep the shadows and the brush.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 010 Nude
This I have been using on daily basis lately. I love the consistency, it's light and easy to blend. It's not full coverage like it says, but it still does a great job. There are only two shades, I have the darker one and it's still perfect for highlighting and concealing the undereye area. I did notice that it starts to disappear after about 6 hours. Essence is actually discontinuing this one so I already repurchased two more, but I did see there will be two new concealer joining, one with a matte finish and one regular or something in these lines. If you want to see the review of the concealer and the comparison with the famous Catrice Liquid Camouflage, here is the post.

Essence Glow Like... TE Baked Metallic Highlighter 03 Like Glitter is Raining on You
In my review, I said I wasn't a big fan of this, but now I realised I have mostly been reaching for this one. I apply it lightly and it gives a natural glow, doesn't look too much or too glittery, just what I wanted lately. It does fade through the day.

Paese Lip Pencil 11
I had this lip pencil for a while but didn't really use it. Now I wanted something other than brown lips since it's summer, but I couldn't find anything that I would really like, so I reached for this one and it did surprise me. The texture seems quite dry, but it applies nicely. I didn't have any problems, it's also precise. The colour is nice. When I look at the packaging it seems too pink for my taste, but I absolutely adore the shade on the lips. It's the kind of shade that would suit most people. Finish is satin, almost matte actually. It survives drinking but not eating. It doesn't look dry on the lips and it feels very comfortable when wearing.

The Originals
I just had to mention this in my favourites since it's the only series that I have really enjoyed watching lately. The series is coming to an end and I just started watching it about three months ago. The Originals is a spin-off series of the popular The Vampire Diaries. I loved TVD, I watched it two times from start to finish, but I actually prefer Originals. TVD is all about teen love and drama, but Originals is more complicated and "grown-up" if I can say so. You have a family of five original vampires that are a thousand years old and one actually finds out he is going to be a father. Basically then it all mostly revolves around how to keep the baby and later a teen alive.

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  1. Mi je kar čudno, da Essence odprodaja ta korektor, ker je bil meni tudi všeč. Sicer mi je Catricov vseeno bolj. Mogoče pa ga nadomestijo s še boljšo formulo.

    Avon Spritz je meni tudi všeč. Sploh vonj. :) Deluje res pomirjujoče, čeprav nekega očitnega učinka na koži sicer ni.

    Ta Essence Glow kolekcija osvetljevalcev je bomba. Meni je še zdaj zelo všeč. Essence ima vedno neko LE, ki je ne morem prehvalit glede osvetljevalcev. Čudno, da nič ne dajo v redno linijo.

    Se strinjam s Paese lip linerjem. Čudovita formula, prav tako pa odtenek. Jaz sem kar pozabila nanj, si me zdaj spomnila :).

    1. Meni pa je zadnje mesece ravno Essence bolj všeč. Mogoče zato, ker gre Catricov že proti koncu in je že malo suh. Pri Essence mi je všeč, da ne izgleda suho, je pa res, da ni tako prekriven. Upajmo, da bo še boljša formula ja :D

      Očitnega učinka ne, ampak se mi zdi, da res tako pomiri in osveži.

      Čudno ja, v redni liniji pa imajo same svetle, že skoraj bele odtenke in pa neke mavrične. Ne vem, če je bil v redni liniji kakšen highlighter, ki me je navdušil. Spomnim se hvaljenega Pure Nude, ampak nikoli ni prišel do mene.