15. julij 2018

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On for Eyes

This time I got a chance to try a new product from Melvita. I already tried some products from the brand, I loved the Nectar de Miels cream, also the hand cream and extraordinary oil from L'Or Bio range are lovely to use.

For the last three weeks, maybe more, I was testing one of their new product, it's a Ice-Fresh Roll-On. They say the that it helps to stimulate the skin and reduce puffiness and dark circles. It contains organic cornflower floral water, which is known for soothing the tired skin around the eyes. It is suitable for all skin types and they say it's a 100% natural (perfume free) spray. I can detect a scent if I put it on my hand and smell close, it's not the most pleasant to me, but when I put it under my eyes I can't smell anything.

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On for Eyes

It comes in a blue squeeze packaging. In it, you get 10ml of product and it costs a bit under 13€. It's a roll-on, that means it has a metal ball that spins around when you apply the product. It's quite cool and refreshing, you can also put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes, so it's even nicer to apply. It's also easy to apply, you just apply it with the applicator and then tap the product into the skin, from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple.

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On for Eyes

I use it in the mornings to wake me up, but mostly in the evenings, it's just so nice for a bit of pampering before bed. I did notice a change when I was using it. My days have become so busy, sometimes I don't sleep enough, or I wake up very early, so my whole body has been feeling week and my face sometimes just got puffy and tired-looking. I didn't care so much if there was a huge difference, my favourite was the feeling of freshness that I had for quite some time after I applied the cream. I did notice my eyes didn't look so puffy, but I didn't notice a big change in my dark circles. I will test it out more and you will surely see it in my empties, where I will tell you if it did something better in that direction.

Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On for Eyes

Overall, I really like the product, more or less just because of the fresh feeling it gives and because it manages to properly wake me up in the mornings. As far as I remember I didn't own any eye creams before this one, so I can't really say if it's expensive for the amount you get, but I can say it will probably last for some time. You can already get the Ice-Fresh Roll-On on Melvita's website and in stores such as Nama, Müller and Leposana.

If you want to see another review of the roll-on, you can check out Tamara's post here. Thank you for reading!

*Product was sent to me

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