Empties #15

Another empties posts. This time there are a lot of products that I always use and I already talked about them a lot on my blog, so now there are mostly a couple of words for each one with a link to the full review.

Balea Duschpeeling Summer Liebe TE
Basic Balea body peeling. I like these, I always have one in my shower. They are easy to use and they are just perfectly rough for my taste. This one had a nice watermelon scent.

Balea Duschgel After Sun
I have grown to love this, the scent is very summery, a bit like sunscreen. It has a nice creamy consistency and it washes the sunscreen off. I already bought a replacement. These are super cheap too, under 1€.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss
I have a review of this one here. It's a fruity-floral scent. I loved it, it has a thick consistency that spreads easily and leaves the skin well nourished. The scent does linger for a while. 

Balea Med 15% Urea Sofortpflege Milch
This is probably in each of my empties posts. I always repurchase it. More here.

Afrodita 100% SPA Body Soufflé Argan Oil and Lavender Essential Oil
I absolutely loved this. I had a fluffy texture that is such a joy to use. It spreads easily, it moisturizes the skin, the scent is great, lavender, but not overpowering. Review here. Now I really want to try their Strawberry Body Mousse.

Dr. Haushka Volume Mascara
This mascara disappointed me, it did close to nothing to my lashes. I tried it three times and every time it was the same, so I decided to throw it away.

Melvita L'Or Bio Extraordinary Hand Cream
I liked this, I actually made a review, you can see it here. It was a perfect size to carry around, the formula was creamy and a bit thick, perfect for winter. It sank in pretty quickly, but still managed to keep my hands nourished. It did have an oriental scent that not everybody would like, but it didn't bother me.

Annemarie Börlind Hydro Gel Mask
I don't really remember what I thought of this one, but it wasn't my favourite. I wouldn't say it's very hydrated like the name states it.

Yanumi 100% Organic Avocado Fruit Oil
I loved this, I used it almost everytime before I washed my hair and it still lasted for more than half a year. I mentioned it in my January Favourite, it was one of those products that I just didn't want to use up. I used it more in the summer and my hair didn't get to that dry stage like every year. My hair really felt sleeker after I dried it. I 100% recommend it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Brunette
I repurchased a lot of bottles of this one through the years. I don't use dry shampoo as much as I did before, but I'm sure I will use it more in the winter time when I try not to wash my hair as often.

Subrina Repair & Care Shampoo
L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo
Two products that I always repurchase, these two are my favourite shampoos. They are always on sale, so I stack on them when they are. Both are pretty similar, so I just mostly just switch between them.

Thank you for reading!