Catrice New Products Spring/Summer 2019 Wishlist

Catrice New Products Spring/Summer 2019 Wishlist

1. HD Liquid Coverage Foundation
This foundation has been on my WL since it came out last year. Catrice is expanding the shade range that's why it's in my new products wishlist. I have heard only good things about it, it should be light and quite natural looking on the skin, but it should still have pretty good coverage.

2. Bouncy Bronzer Caribbean Vibes 020 Cuba Vibes
At first, I didn't think I would put a creamy bronzer on my WL, but I'm interested in how this will work. Catrice says it has a coconut scent and a bouncy texture. I will probably give it a try.

3. Instant Smokey Shadow and Liner 030 Truely Taupe
I owned something similar from Catrice before and I liked it. The only problem was that I got a shade that wasn't really visible on my skin. There will only be three versions of these, black, grey and taupe, I will probably go for the taupe one.

4. Liquid Camouflage Under Eye Primer
I have quite a few fine lines around my eyes, so I will probably give it a go to see how it would look and if it would actually make a difference.

5. Generation Matt Comfortable Liquid Lipstick 040 Muddy Madness and 070 Mauve To The Rhythm
Essence recently came out with great matt liquid lipstick formula and I hope these would be as good. The packaging looks nice and there will be 10 shades that will all be in a nude-rose range, perfect for me.

6. Superbia Vol. 1 Warm Copper Eyeshadow Edition 010 Bronze Upon a Time
Looking at the shades now, I don't think I will get this palette, the shades seem to be too grey toned for my taste. I'm also interested in the quality of the eyeshadows. I will see once it comes to the stores.

7. One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer
Catrice makes great concealers, so I really want to try this one too. They say that you only need one drop for full coverage. It should also be moisturising. One big plus is that it will be available in 8 shades, it's not a lot, considering the shade ranges some brands came out with recently, but still, it's more than 3-4 that they used to have before.

8. Energizing Prime & Care Spray
9. Hydrating Primer & Care Spray
I have been using a fixing spray every time I do my makeup for a couple of months now, I like how it combines everything together and just looks more natural. I will probably wait for the reviews with these two, but they sound promising.

New Catrice products will be available since the end of January. Thank you for reading!


  1. I've heard such good things about the concealer and foundation! I wish i could get hold of this brand in the UK!

    1. You can:

    2. Their Camoflage concealer is great :D Like the person above me said, you can get it on that website.

  2. Catrice HD podlago priporočam. Meni je zelo všeč. Res lahka na obrazu, solidna prekrivnost in ne preveč mat.

    One drop korektor sem tudi sama kupila, ker me je takoj pritegnil. Sicer je prekrivnost dobra, vsekakor pa ne full coverage. Je pa bolj mazljiv in se dlje časa suši kot HD Liquid Coverage. Mogoče bo bolj všeč tistim s suho kožo. Sem ga preizkusila sicer samo enkrat :).

    Mat šminke tudi mene zanimajo, samo upam, da niso preveč mat. Odtenki so sicer vsi bolj nude. Kar je fajn za vsak dan :).

    1. Če bi bil korektor bolj za suho kožo sploh ne bi bilo slabo, joj, bom ga morala kupit :D

      Sem jih swatchala v Müllerju in imajo kar nekaj zanimivih odtenkov, ampak nisem upala nobene vzet ravno zaradi tega :/