Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Here are finally my 2018 favourites and in the next post I will share some skincare and other products. Here you will mostly see products that I discovered and loved in 2018 but there are two or three old favourites but I just had to include them here because I have been using them all throughout the year.

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Bourjois Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow 03 Mauve Your Body
I didn't use eyeshadow much in 2018, especially in the second half of the year. In the summer it was too hot, but later in autumn, I started getting some eye infections. But this one was almost always my choice when I did use it. It was also a safe choice because it doesn't move around, it stays where you put it, so it's perfect for hot days, and it's an amazing shade for my eye colour. Swatches here.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I know this mascara has been popular for a few years now, but I never gave it a chance. I got it when it was half off, so it was only 5€ or so and now I can say that I would definitely pay the full price for it. I have seen some bloggers saying that it's not perfect since the beginning and that it performs better when it's a bit drier, but I didn't really have problems. I didn't find it particularly wet, not even at the beginning. The formula is nice, it curls my lashes, it lengthens them and most importantly, it separates them. It has a curved wand that works wonderfully. I feel I can do a lot of coats and it won't look like I have a ton of mascara on but it will look amazing. I will do a proper review in the next few weeks.

Catrice Eyebrow Stylist Brow-n-eyed Peas
2018 was the year I finally started to pay attention to my eyebrows. I have naturally dark and full eyebrows and I never knew how to fill them in, so I never did but it's a learning process. This was one of the products that I discovered and that I love. It's not highly pigmented so it's perfect for beginners and it's also quick to use.

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Trend it Up Powder Blush 050
This was also in my last year's favourites but I had to include it again. It's basically the only blush I wear once autumn comes and through winter. It's just a perfect darker mauve shade and I haven't found a shade that I would like better for this time of the year.

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Catrice California in a Box Bronzer and Blush Palette
When I was choosing a favourite highlighter I couldn't decide. I bought a few new highlighters in summer and some I enjoyed using them then, but now in colder months, I didn't really reach for anything to gold-shimmery-obvious-on-the-skin. That's why I chose the one in this palette for my favourite. I don't use anything other in the palette, I find my other bronzers/blushes better but the highlighter is worth keeping the whole palette. I feel it's perfect for a bit of glow on the cheeks when you don't need much (you can build it up if you want) and it gives a nice sheen to the face. I sometimes even wear it on my no-makeup-days. I have a full review of the palette here.

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Oriflame Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Primer
I already raved about this primer in my Products I Want To Use Up Update so I will be short. It gives a nice healthy glow to the skin and the foundation on top doesn't look as dry when I use it.

Erborian CC Cream
This is a new discovery that I also mentioned in my Autumn/Winter Favourites. I got this in November but I love it and I had to put it in this post. I find it's so easy to use, easy to blend, it evens out my skin tone and looks natural. I put it on with my hands because it's expensive and I don't want the sponge to soak up half of the product. I'm already scared of using it up.

Colourpop No Filter Concealer Light 16
Another end-of-the-year favourite. I bought the concealer on black friday when Colourpop had free international shipping. I have tried a couple of concealers in 2018 but this one impressed me the most. I have loved it since the beginning. It blends nicely under the eyes and for now, I didn't notice it would crease. The consistency is creamy, the coverage is medium or almost full but it doesn't look dry.

Rimmer Stay Matte Powder
I always switched powders, mostly between Essence and Rimmel but now, when my skin got really dry I didn't reach for any other than this Rimmel one for a few months. I like that it doesn't over powder the face and it seems to stay on for a long time. Also, it's cheap.

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter 040 Dew You Care?
This is my only lip favourite from 2018 and if you read my blog regularly, you have seen me raving about it a lot, I also have a review with swatches. I always keep this in my purse and I use it a lot. I mostly like to use it when my lips are super dry because it stays on for a few hours and it nourishes them. It gives a nice nude brownie shade to the lips as well.

Essence Keep It Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray
My 2017 favourite, but I already repurchased so many of these that I had to put it in this one too. Again, I talked about it before. I use it every time I do my makeup to take away that powdery finish. More here

Favourite Makeup Products of 2018

Catrice #peeloff Glam Easy to Remove Effect Nail Polish
I don't even remember one nail polish that I would use on and on. In summer I did enjoy using the pastel pink shade from Trend it Up and Tangerine Dream from L.O.V. But the one I was most excited about is this peel off one from Catrice. It's such a great idea that makes removing glittery nail polish so easy. Here you can see the swatches.

Thank you for reading! Part 2 will be up in a few days.


  1. Maybelline je tudi meni všeš ravno zaradi definicije, kot si tudi sama napisala. :D Čeprav bi lako imela še malo več volumna.

    Catrice deywy-ful je res fantastična formula. Tudi jaz imam vedno kakšen odtenek v torbi. Super za ko imaš suhe ustnice in vseeno hočeš malo barve. Upam, da še dolgo ne bodo ukinili teh izdelkov.

    Trend it up je pa res tak odtenek, ki je skoraj vsem všeč. Tudi pri meni je najbolj v uporabi pozimi. Res lahek za nanos in vsem paše :).

    Super favoriti :) <3

    1. Odlična je, sedaj ugotavljam, da preživi še solze :D

      Upam tudi jaz, sicer pa prideta še dva nova odtenka s prenovo :D

      Hvala <3