Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

This is a part two of my 2018 favourites, here you can see the first one. In this one you will find some skincare, body care and hair care products.

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

Avon Attraction Rush Eau de Parfum
Attraction Rush has been a perfume that I kept going back to. It's a bit oriental and sweet, I wore it all year round, especially towards the end of the year. I ever wore it in summer even thought it's not a very summery scent.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L'Original Hair Oil
This is probably my favourite product for 2018. I have never tried anything from Kerastase, this is my first product and I already want more. I use it on my dry ends after I have straightened my hair and I can't even describe it how my hair feels after, it's so silky smooth and sleek. Also, it tames any flyaways and freezy hair without looking oily. This is only a small bottle and the big one costs a lot but I think I will have this one for a while.

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner
An amazing toner. I use it when my skin feels and looks tired or red and it works wonders even in one day. It calms the skin and makes it brighter and better looking. I said before, I really like this one, but I want to try the toner from The Body Shop, I hear it's better.

Avon True Nutra Effects Hydration Overnight Gel-Cream
I found out about this cream though Petra. Now I mostly use this one, always in the morning and sometimes in the evening. I have a review here. It has a light creamy-gel texture that sinks in quite quickly but it moisturizes my skin well. Even my friend who reads my blog bought it and said it was great.

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

Nivea Summerliebe Shower Gel
I didn't think of any other shower gel that I enjoyed more last year. This one had a creamy consistency, it didn't dry out my skin nor did it nourish but the scent was amazing. Like citruses, basically, like summer in a bottle.

Oriflame Swedish Spa Body Scrub
At the start of the year, I raved about Malinca's body peeling that smelled just like raspberries and I absolutely adored the scent, but texture wise, like how the peeling actually performs, Oriflame is a winner. It has a very creamy, almost thick consistency that exfoliates the skin very well but doesn't feel harsh. I actually feel that it does something. Also, it leaves an oily layer behind so you don't need to moisturize after. The scent is not my favourite, I like sweet and fruity scents, but this one is more fresh and spa-like, I could actually say it's a more grown-up type of scent. I reviewed the whole Swedish Spa line here.

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream
Another discovery of the year was this L'Occitane hand cream. It has a creamy consistency that leaves a thin layer on the skin so it keeps nourishing the hands for some time. Plus, it has a nice scent. A whole review is here.

Yanumi 100% Organic Karité Vanilla Shea Butter
I feel I didn't talk enough about this butter after I made a review but I have been using it every day. I mostly use it when I go to sleep, I apply it to my dry skin and sometimes on my face when I have some dry areas. It also works great on the cuticles. I fully got used to the strong scent, I don't even notice it, I would even forget it had a scent if it weren't for my mother that commented about it.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter
Besides Malinca's peeling this is my favourite scent for last year. It's pretty basic but still so delicious, like simple vanilla cookies. I didn't know what a good body butter was until I tried TBS ones. They are so different from any other brand. They are thick but spread so easily when they touch the warm hands and skin. They seem to sink in quickly but my skin feels nourished for the whole day. I started to use this one sparingly and switch to some other ones, but this one is far better than any that I own currently.

Favourite Skincare and Haircare of 2018

Braun Silk-épil-7
I also had to put this in my favourites. I bought this in summer and I can't live without it anymore. This is a whole different feeling compared to shaving. My hair grows quickly, in summer I could shave my leg every day but with this, I can go a few days without. I don't understand how some can say this lasts a few weeks, my hair grows back after a few days, but I'm not complaining, it's still better than shaving every day. The feeling is different too and I did notice my hair is getting a lot thinner. In terms of pain, I can't say much, I have a high pain tolerance so it doesn't really bother me.
If you are interested, I bought it in Big Bang when it was on offer for around 50€, that's the best deal I could find but they had it on sale everywhere in the summertime. Also, it's cheaper if you get it without any attachments, you don't really need them.

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  1. Attraction Rush imam že kar na koncu. Je moj najljubši parfum od Avona. Res tak nosljiv vonj za praktično vse sezone, pa vseeno dovolj drugačen od drugih :). Imava kar podoben okus :D.

    Tudi Avonova krema je moja stalnica. Ta in dnevna verzija. Jaz te kreme vsem priporočam.

    Epilator ni zame. Jaz nimam visoke tolerance na bolečino hehe :D. Nikoli nisem bila za njih. Imam pa srečo, da imam tudi bolj slabe in svetle dlake.

    1. To je to, močen in sladek, ampak še vseeno malce drugačen :D

      Če imaš svetle dlake pol itak ni problema, meni pa je šlo vse že pošteno na živce :D Zdaj sem že na tej točki, da ko si na nogah epiliram, moram pogledat, če sploh dela epilator, ker ne čutim več skoraj nič haha :D