2017 Favourites: Makeup

Here is another yearly favourites post. I included products that I really used a lot in 2017. There are a few of the products that I only got towards the end of the year, but I'm sure that I will enjoy using in the new year. Some products you could already see in my monthly favourites not long ago, but that's mostly because I started making monthly favourites just recently. I still wanted to put them here because I love them. 

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Concealers and Primer

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
Essence Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
Two of my favourite concealers. I like both, the Catrice one can be more drying than the one from Essence. It also has more coverage. I had it in my last year's favourites and I had to put it here this time too. I mostly use the Essence one under my eyes, because it's lighter, and the Catrice one for imperfections.

Avon Mark Eye Primer
I have been using this quite a lot lately and it still looks almost like new, you really don't need much. I love this, I have oily eyelids and lately, I have tried a lot of eyeshadows and it worked so well with all of them. I would really recommend it, my eyeshadows stay on for the entire day.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Makeup Sponge

H&M Makeup Sponge
I think I first saw this sponge on Petra's blog, later it was everywhere. I was actually pretty satisfied with the one I had from Ebelin, but this one is much better. It's very soft and foamy. In my November favourites, you can see how much it expands when I wet it. It blends foundation and concealer perfectly. I have a few backups, but I did still see them in my H&M not long ago, this pink one on the photo I bought at the start of December.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Lipsticks

Essence Coast'n'Chill Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick 02 Smooth & Groove
This lipstick is from the Coasnt'n'Chille TE from Essence, which came out around September. This has been a lipstick that I have been reaching for a lot, especially in fall. It's a gorgeous darker mauve purple shade, that I find really suits me. It is easy to apply, the staying power is quite impressive and it doesn't feel particularly drying on the lips.

Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipstick Smooth Mocha
When I didn't want to wear a proper lipstick, but I still wanted to give my lips a bit of colour, I chose this one. Avon's lipsticks are all amazing, but this formula is very creamy and nourishing, it feels like a lip balm, but I still get slightly brown coloured lips. Review here.

Colourpop Lippie Stix Tootsie
I know I said there will be a review of these Lippie Stix in December, I'm not even sure what is taking me so long to do it. But I promise, there will be one, after these 2017 Favourites. I love all of the lippie stix, but this one was the one I chose if I was in a hurry. It is a perfect nude shade for me and it's really easy to apply.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Highlighter and Powder

Essence Cubanita TE Highlighter 01 Mi Corazón
Again, a limited edition, but I had to include it here because it was my favourite since then. I have swatches here, it is such a nice champagne gold shade, that blends into my skin and looks very natural.

Paese Rice Powder
This product is very popular lately, a lot of Slovenian bloggers also put it in their yearly favourites. I like it a lot, it was perfect in Summer when my skin got oily quickly. It is a very fine milled loose powder that doesn't look white on the skin and it keeps my face matte for longer.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Brushes

Ombia Brush
I rarely use any other brush for my bronzer than this. I love how fluffy it is and how easy it blends the product. I few of the bristles did fell out, but it still seems like a pretty good quality. I bought in in Hofer (Aldi), but I don't think they still have them.

Body & Soul Highlighter Brush and Blending Brush
These two I bought in Müller and I really didn't expect much, but they surprised me. The highlighter brush is a perfect size for a highlighter, most of the times I want my highlighter to be natural and I can be really precise with this one. The blender brush also turned out to be great. It a normal blender brush with a bit longer bristles, that blends well. Also, none of the bristles fell out, even though I cleaned them numerous of times.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Fixing Spray

Avon Mark Prep and Set Spray
Essence Keep it Perfect Make-up Fixing Spray
I recently talked about these two. I love both, Avon's for summery hot days and Essence's for colder months. Avon's helped to keep my makeup together on the hottest day, but it was a bit too much now when my skin is dry. I didn't like the Essence one in summer, but now I love it, my bottle is almost empty, I really need to repurchase it. It takes away that powder finish and it doesn't irritate my skin.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Eyeshadow Palette

I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
I know I just had it in my December favourites, but I had to put it here again. Also for me, when I look back on my yearly favourites, that I can see what I have been loving that year. Like I said in that post, with all of the brown and nude shades is a perfect palette for a person, who loves this kind of shades. It's well pigmented, some shades more than others and with a primer, they last all day without creasing. The eyeshadows do dust a bit.

2017 Favourites (Makeup) - Mascara, Eyeliner, Brows

L.O.V LASHseduction Instant Volume Mascara
This mascara was my favourite in terms of how big it made my lashes, it is deep black, it lengthens my lashes, gives them a bit of volume and makes them look full. I have quite small eyes and it makes them look bigger, I love it. Even though the camera doesn't do it justice, you can see a review and how it looks on my lashes here.  But there is a downside, the formula is still very wet, it never really dried down, so it's hard to apply and it goes everywhere. 
One more mascara, that I would like to mention, but I forgot to include, is the Essence Volume Stylist Mascara. I loved it so much, that I repurchased it right away when my old one dried out.

Essence Super Last Eyeliner
Half a year ago I didn't think I would put this type of an eyeliner in my yearly favourites. This one I used since I got it. It's black, it's still wet and easy to apply. I always used pen eyeliners, so I had to get used to this one, now it's no problem to apply it. I even bent the tip a bit, when I clumsily closed the packaging and it's even better to apply now. I didn't notice it would smudge on me, but I never seem to have these problems, even though I buy only Catrice and Essence eyeliners, which are quite cheap. Here is a review.

Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara
I had to put this one here. I already repurchased it for the third time. I even have one in my purse, if I need to retouch my hair. It's a mascara for lashes and brows, but I use it to tame my baby hairs and mostly when my hair is freshly washed, to tame the freeze. It doesn't look like hairspray, it doesn't look shiny or stick my hair together. One of the best discoveries in 2017.

Lotique Eyebrow Mascara
I don't talk about brow products much on my blog because I didn't use any. In the last couple of months, this has changed. I love the Lotique eyebrow mascara because it's so easy to use that it's perfect for beginners like me. The wand is super small and it only has a bit of pigment, so I don't have to worry that I would mess up my brows.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Sem kar pričakovala nekaj izdelkov, da bodo pristali v tej objavi :) Colourpop ima res odlične šminke in je škoda, da nimajo kje skladišča v Evropi, da ne bi plačevali carine. Essence highlighter sem zamudila, ampak sem pa z Catrice Kaviar Gauche izjemno zadovoljna :) L.O.V maskari sem dala po dolgem časi spet priložnost in čeprav res ustvari ogromno volumna, se mi po vseh teh mesecih še vedno zdi malo preveč packasta/mokra (isto kot ti praviš). Essence liner pa moram enkrat preizkusit, čeprav sem zelo zadovoljna s Catrice, ampak me vseeno mika :)

    1. Colourpop ima toliko novih in zanimivih stvari, ki jih sploh ne morem preizkusit, ker ne mislim plačevat davka. Za Catrice highlighter mi je kar žal, da ga nisem kupila, čeprav je tako velik, da ga ne bi mogla nikamor dat :D Efekt pri maskari je čudovit, ampak je res treba pazit. Če se potrudim in porabim nekaj časa na senčilih, ni šans, da uporabim to maskaro :D Jaz sem pa že razmišljala o tem Catrice linerju, ki ga ti hvališ, ampak mislim, da bom vseeno šla nazaj na pen verzijo, čeprav se veliko hitreje posuši :/

  2. Se mi zdi da nas je vse naudušil Paese rižev puder in Avonov mark spray. :) Res sta odlična izdelka. Se pa strinjam tudi za korektorje. Pa tudi čokoladna paleta mi je bla všeč, jo morem spet malo preizkusit.
    Ostalega pa ne poznam. Imam pa na WL h&m gobice, pa jih v "mojem" h&mu ni. ;)

    1. Lifesaverja, sploh poleti :D Jaz sem začela uporabljat to novo čokoladno Rose Gold in je še boljša, sploh pigmentacija, je pa res, da je ta bela in odtenki v njej perfektna zame :D Če še jih ne poznaš, ti res priporočam te Colourpop šminke :)
      Škoda :/ Pri nas v Europarku jih sicer nikoli nisem našla, v centru mesta pa jih še vedno imajo.

  3. Imava kar nekaj istih favoritov. :) Essence Cubanita, Paese puder, Avon setting spray in H&M gobica so res odlični. Jaz gobic več ne najdem pri nas, ampak res upam, da so tudi druge njihove enako mehke. :)

    Catrice korektor je še vedno en mojih najljubših. Zdaj ga je začasno nadomestil od Bipe. Ampak je vedno v mojem predalu. Tudi z Avon šminko se strinjam. Ta formula je odlična za takrat, ko imam suhe ustnice. Prav udobno se nosi na ustnicah :).

    Body & Soul blending čopič sem že kupovala za darila, ker je zelo podoben enemu, ki ga je imel Ebelin. Meni je ta oblika lepa in očitno je tudi mehak dovolj. Tudi Ombia čopič se mi zdi zanimiv. Sama nisem vedela kako mehki so, zato jih niti nisem gledala. Znajo pa ti sintetični kar presenetiti s svojo mehkobo. :)

    Super favoriti in hvala za omembo <3

    1. Če rabiš še kakšno gobico za rezervo ti lahko jaz vzamem in pošljem :D Sem videla, da imajo neke navadne še, ampak koliko sem tako skozi folijo sprobala niso ravno mehke.

      Korenktor je top :D Super, da imamo nekaj tako dobrega za dostopno ceno :)

      Ja, nisem omenila, oba sta fajn mehka :D Meni je čopičev manjkalo (oz. mi še zdaj kakšen manjka) in sem ravno te Hoferjeva videla takrat poleti in sem se odločila sprobat. Sicer ni najmehkejši, je pa še vseeno fajn mehek in lepo zablenda bronzer, tako da mi je res všeč. Ne vem pa, če bi še kakšnega drugega kupila, če bi še bili na voljo.

      Ni za kaj <3

    2. Bom še pogledala v MB. Tam ziher imajo. Hvala ti ;)

    3. Poglej v mestu, v Europarku še jih nisem zasledila :)

  4. Body & Soul čopiči so tudi mene pozitivno presenetili. Sploh nisem pričakovala, da bodo tako dobri in mehki zaradi take nizke cene. Na enem mojem sicer začenja popuščati lepilo, ampak okej bom ponovno kupila, ker mi je res top za nanašanje bronzerja :)

    1. A res? :/ Pri meni še ni bilo nič, niti izpadanja ščetin :)

  5. Uf, super,... se več izdelkov, ki jih bom lahko dala na svojo wish listo :D. Dobra objava, marsikaj od tega še nisem preizkusila, ampak mislim, da bo res skrajni čas. Predvsem me mika Paese puder in pa Avon setting sprej.

    1. Če imaš mastno kožo, je Paese odličen, sploh za poleti, nisem še imela pudra, ki bi mi matiral kožo za tako dolgo :D Z setting sprejem je pa itak odlična kombinacija :)