Valentine's Day Pampering Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Pampering Gift Guide

I wanted to prepare a quick and easy pampering essentials/gift guide for valentines day. I didn't include any makeup because I wanted to make it all about taking care of yourself and making your skin soft and smelling nice. I found some products that came out now for valentines day but some are part of the regular assortments.

1. Yankee Candle 18 Tea Light Candle Set
I don't light candles anymore because I get migraines but this is such a lovely gift idea for someone that loves that cosy warm feeling. It contains 18 tea light candles and a candlestick. YC candles can get quite expensive so now you can try some scents before you buy a big glass.

2. Oriflame Velvet Passion Bubble Bath and Be My Valentine Soap
Perfect for a pampering evening. A bubble bath with oriental-flower scent and soap that smells like roses.

3. Lush American Cream Solid Shower Gel
This is one of the naked shower gels from Lush. I didn't even try their regular ones yet but I have seen good reviews on all of them. This is totally up my alley, it's something I would buy because it smells like strawberries and oranges. I might even go and pick it up if it's not sold out already.

4. Avon True Colour Nourishing Lip Oil
I already have one of these, Avon sent it to me and I love it. There are two shades, a darker and a lighter pink that both contain shimmer. I got the lighter version. When I first saw it I really thought it will be that pink and shimmery, but it's not. It's a very lightly pigmented oil that doesn't show much on the lips, but the shimmer is still visible but not to the point that would bother me. I got a cold recently and I have used this oil and my lips didn't get as dry as usual so I would recommend it.

5. L'Occitane Cerisier Irisé Body Milk and Hand Cream
L'Occitane is always a good option for gift ideas, they always have some gift sets and I only see rave reviews about their products. I tried their shea hand cream and it' amazing, so I would totally recommend the hand creams. The body milk comes in a travel size and in a regular size, so it's your choice. They also have a shower gel and eau de toilette in this line, if you really want to smell like cherries. 

6. The Body Shop Body Butter Gift Set
Again, something you can't go wrong. TBS body butters are on another level. They are expensive compared to some other butters but I would say they are totally worth it. This set contains three small 50ml versions of their most popular spring scents, Shea, Strawberry and British Rose.  

Thank you for reading!