Empties #16

Nivea Summerliebe Pflegedusche
I already talked about the shower gel in my 2018 Favourites post. It smells delicious, like oranges and has a creamy texture. I hope they will bring these back again this year.

Avon Senses Winter Magic Shower Gel
I was a big fan of this one. The formula is not very creamy and foamy as I would like it but the scent was great, I would definitely repurchase it just because of the scent.

Avon Advanced TECHniques Duo Treatment Spray
I'm not sure if this is my first or second spray that I used up but I did use it for a while now. I use it after blow drying my hair when my hair is almost completely dry and it works well, it nourishes the dry ends. I can really see that now when I haven't had my hair cut for a few months and the ends are getting very dry.

The Body Shop Vanilla Marshmallow Shower Gel
In my review, I mentioned I wasn't a big fan of the Vanilla Marshmallow scent, so I decided to use it as a hand soap. When there was just a bit of the product left I did start to enjoy using it and I am almost sorry that I used it up this way.

Malinca Raspberry Body Peeling
I was saving this one because it smelled amazing but now it's finally empty. Review here.

The Body Shop Vanilla Marshmallow Softening Body Butter
I feel like I repeat myself but TBS body butters are my favourite. They have a great and creamy texture that melts on the skin and it sinks in fast but still nourishes the skin for a good while.

Afrodita Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream
I used to use this one in the morning for years but now I found a replacement. I did like it but I realized I like some other creams better. It contained aloe vera so it was a bit soothing on the skin and it sank quickly into the skin. But it wasn't really nourishing.

Green Line Basic Moisturizing Cream
I tried some creams to replace the Afrodita one and I grew very fond of this one. It has a light creamy texture that feels nice and fresh on the skin. It's enough nourishing for most of the days but sometimes I need more, so I use it with some dry oil. Plus, it smells fresh and fruity.

Avon Nutra Effects Hydration Overnight Gel-Cream
This one made it to the 2018 Favourites so it's a great one. Petra talked a lot about it and I gave it a chance and now I'm on my third or fourth. And it's not expensive, if you wait for an offer, you can get it for a bit over 4€.

Essence Colour Boost High Pigment Nail Polish 01 Instant Friendship
This was a long favourite. I almost used it up and the formula is not okay anymore so I need to throw it away. I have swatches here.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 14 Do You Speak Love?
I already mentioned in my New In post that the formula has thickened and I did already buy a replacement since I love the colour. Swatches here.

Essence Keep it Perfect! Make-up Fixing Spray
I also used up a few bottles of the fixing spray. I talk about it here and there on my blog. I like it, the spray is a nice mist, not too strong. I didn't notice it would make my makeup last longer but it does make it look nicer and combined together.

Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette
This has been my favourite for so long. I got some eye infections in the last couple of months and then I realized that this palette is way too old and that I should throw it away. Now when I swatch it, it doesn't feel or look like anything special but I loved it back in the days.

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
This was also an old product and I didn't use it for a long time. I remember these Essence ones being popular but I can't remember if I liked it. I do remember the shade was quite dark even for me, so probably not for someone with light skin.

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
Catrice Eyeliner Pen
These two I always repurchase. I also owned a normal pen eyeliner from Essence and they are all great. I never have problems with them, they last all day, they don't smudge. I did notice the Catrice one isn't as dark black as the other two.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Oh wow so many empties! I love the Essence polishes, I'm so sad they've discontinued their Gel range and reformulated xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️