Primark is Coming to Slovenia and a Wishlist (Spring 2019)

27. april 2019

Primark is Coming to Slovenia and a Wishlist (Spring 2019)

Primark is finally coming to Slovenia, to Ljubljana to be specific. This doesn't mean much to me because Graz is still closer to where I live but it's still great news. The store is opening on 13th of June and I'm sure as hell I'm not going to be there on the opening day haha. I had a wishlist prepared for some time now and I didn't have time to post it but what better time than now. I only put decor items and such in these posts because they are easier to find on their website. Of course, there is something from Friends, I always pick up something from the collection. There is a gel mask that is nice for headaches and migraines. The stationary is also something I usually pick up because it's cute and cheap. I'm not usually into bags like the one on the photo, I like them to be simple, but this one is gorgeous.

Links to the products:
1. Friends Photo Frame | 2. Owl Gel Eye Mask | 3. 2pcs Cherry Pen | 4. Cherry Notebook | 5. Artificial Plant | 6. Coral Small Handbag | 7. Cream Polka Dot Makeup Bag

Thank you for reading! If you are interested, here you can find my other Primark wishlists.

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