Empties #17

Another new empties, this time it's a mix of skincare and makeup. You can read my previous empties posts here.

Avon True Nutra Effects Active Moisture Hydration Overnight Gel Cream
I used up two of these creams in the last couple of weeks. I use it in the morning after I clean my face. It is a gel-cream consistency so it feels nice and refreshing. I have a full review here.

Clay Ritual Green Clay Mask
I love the Clay Ritual brand, especially their clay masks. This little sample size I got when I ordered a couple of masks. This mask had a very specific scent to it that I wasn't a fan of but I liked the effect just like by the others. I talked about the brand more in these posts.

Caudalie Vine Activ Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum
I have had this serum for a while now, I also put it in my January favourites back in 2018. In that post, I wrote that it is nourishing enough for me and that I don't need to apply a cream over but my skin has gotten drier and I can't just use the serum. To be fair I never used it solo, just if I forgot to apply the cream afterwards. The serum is liquidy and sinks into the skin fast, it's a nice serum but I still prefer my Balea one, which is also 10x cheaper.

Dr. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Night Cream and Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream
Monika from Sugarlove Blog has been raving about Dr. Organic brand for a long time now and I decided to order some samples before I actually buy anything. These two creams both had a very strong scent which I wasn't a fan of but I'm sure that after some time I would get used to it. The creams were rich and nourishing, they left a thin layer on the skin but after three uses of each, I really can't say more.

Aveo Himbeere Aprikose Pflegedusche
This smelled amazing, like summer in the bottle. The consistency was okay, not too liquidy and not too thick.

Fruttini Milky Orange Body Spray
I had this since high school and it's so old now. The scent changed but it used to smell so good. A bit strong at first spray but after it was just perfect. Just like oranges. I'm not sure if they sell this anymore but I would love to get my hands on another one.

Gliss Kur SOS Intensivkur Prachtvolle Kräftigung
I like Gliss Kur products for my hair and this was no exception. A nice hair mask that nourished my hair well. I would buy again but I have a few more to finish.

Oriflame Feet Up Summer Fresh Foot Cream with Strawberry & Rhubarb LE
This took me forever to finish. I liked it, I used it at night and put my socks on so I can't really say how long it needs to sink into the skin. It has a strong scent that you probably won't get bored with. I can't describe it but it's special, not at all sweet and sugary like most of the creams.

Essence Pure Nude Make-up 10 pure beige tester
This has been my favourite foundation for a long time. When Essence discontinued it and I ran out of it, Essence representatives here is Slovenia sent me a couple of testers. It's a very lightweight foundation that mostly evens out the skin and doesn't look cakey or dry on the skin.

Catrice Eyeliner Pen
I bought this one when I couldn't find my old time favourite eyeliner from Essence. I did like it, it didn't smudge or anything but after a few uses it wasn't as pigmented anymore. I don't really have that problem with Essence.

Essence I Love Extreme Curl & Volume Mascara
I thought I would like this mascara because I love the blue version. It's not a bad mascara but the wand is just so twisted and hard to use. I have a review here, as well as how it looks on my lashes.

Essence The Little Black One Waterproof
This mascara didn't impress me either. I talked about it here. It didn't manage to do a lot and it smudged on me.

Oriflame The One WonderLash XXL Mascara
I have seen some raves about this mascara but Oriflame mascaras seem to always do the same for me. They give a very natural effect and most of the time I want something more. Review here.

Thank you for reading!