Summer Wishlist 2019

Big Summer Wishlist 2019

Avon True Nutra Effects Hydration Boosting Sheet Mask and Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask
My skin has been so dry lately, so I'm doing everything to keep it nourished. I love using sheet masks, they mostly give great results. These two are new from Avon and they are high on my WL.

Essence Berry On TE Highlighter 02 Berry Vibes!
I always look for Essence highlighters from their limited editions because they are usually great. This one looks champagne based, not really like something I have in my collection, so I will definitely check it out.

Balea Schönheitsgeheimnisse Erfrischendes Duschgel Aloe Vera
I have liked this line from Balea since it came out. I tried the shampoo and conditioner and the conditioner has become one of my favourites. This aloe vera shower gel sounds good and refreshing for summer.

The Body Shop Carrot Wash Energising Face Cleanser
I was at The Body Shop blogger event, where they showed up new spring and summer products. This carrot face cleanser caught my eye and I heard the ingredients are good. I already said in my post that The Body Shop is using only "not perfect" carrots for this, the carrots that the food industry throws away and I think that's amazing.

Oriflame Sunkiss Garden Eau de Toilette
This is a new fragrance from Oriflame. They say it's inspired by the tropical fragrance of the dragon fruit, with lily of the valey and musk. This sounds lovely for summer but I hope it's not too floral.

The Body Shop Mandarin Energising Face Mist
I put this face mist on my WL because I love the mandarin scent and this will be nice to have for hot summer days.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Master Creation Foundation
Mateja raved about the formula on her blog and I love Oriflame's BB cream, so I would like to try this foundation too. Mateja said that it's not really for oily skin (I have dry skin, but my forehead still gets shiny quickly) but lately I don't mind looking dewy, it's better than looking dry.

Pantene Repair & Protect Conditioner
Again, a product that Mateja raved about and when she says something for hair is good, you believe it. I didn't find the exact photo of the version she has but it's okay, I will see what we have in stores. I never really paid much attention to Pantene, I never had their products but I do remember a lot of their commercials on tv years ago.

Balea Glow Body Spray
I don't really know why I put this in my favourites. It's a product that I would like to try but I'm not sure if I want to really spend money on it because I'm not sure how much I would use it.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Holiday Glow Bronzer Pearls
I love Avon's bronzing pearls, I love to use them in summer when my skin is already a bit tanned, they give the nicest glow. I want to see if I would like these from Oriflame just as much.

Essence Berry On TE Face and Eyeshadow Brush
I want to add a few more brushes to my collection, a few of mine fell apart recently and these look nice but I will see how the quality is and then decide if I want them.

Balea Cremedusche Frozen Vanilla
Another Balea product. You can't get wrong with their shower gels, they are cheap and Balea has quite a collection of scents.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
I had this concealer before and I know it's very well known. This is an exclusive design as part of the Our Heartbeat Project: "For every concealer sold, ten percent of the proceeds go to organisations that aim to help women achieve financial independence. The initiatives offer these women the opportunity to train as make-up artists or nail artists". I need to repurchase it so I might as well do it now.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Super wishlista :) Meni so take bolj budget verzije najbolj všeč, je bolj v duhu "keeping it real" :D Balea tuš gele bom šla tudi jaz preverit, čeprav se bolj držim Subrine. Videla sem samo Glow losjon, ampak spray pa ne. Bi mi bil zanimiv samo če ima zelo drobne bleščice + olje. Ne vem koliko imaš suhe lase, ampak na meni se Pantene super obnese in ravno par dni nazaj mi je prijateljica poslala sporočilo, da ga je kupila zaradi mojega priporočila in ji je amazing, pa mislim, da nima tako suhih las kot jaz. Za Oriflame puder pa veš da je suho kožo, upam, da ti bo vseeno všeč :)

    1. Točno tako :D Dražjih stvari načeloma niti ne gledam, ker se mi zdi, da so nekatere budget verzije že velik približek in mi je škoda dat več, raje za kaj drugega porabim :) Sem bila ravno zadnjič v DMu in Mullerju ampak sem čisto pozabila na Pantene, si morem kar napisat v beležko na telefonu :D