New In #35

Butters Vanilla, Strawberry and Antiage Butter
I had these on my WL for so long, I was always seeing them on Instagram but I always resisted the temptation to buy them. Then one day Anja shared something about them on IG Stories and I had to order them. Butters are Slovenian products and it seems everyone is obsessed with them and I joined the group. They have lots of different scents and versions of the butter but I heard the vanilla and strawberry are two of the softest and most spreadable ones. I still have a small amount of my Yanumi vanilla shea butter that I still love and use, but the scent is nothing compared to these ones. The vanilla one smells like vanilla sugar or marshmallow and the other one like strawberry ice cream. My mom got herself an anti-age version but I don't like the scent of it as much.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Care Pflegespulung
Mateja said this is good, so I bought it. I don't think I have ever tried any products from Pantene, I remember always seeing commercials and I think my mom used to have some products but it's a brand that I don't really see people talking about. I didn't get a chance to test it yet.

Oriflame Love Nature Skincare*
Oriflame had a blogger event that I wanted to attend but I couldn't and they kindly sent me the new products. They are from the Love Nature line. I have been using the eye cream for about two weeks now and I like it. Before I didn't use eye cream for a few months and it's just really refreshing to put it on in the morning and evening, especially now in this heatwave. It would probably be even better if I put it in the fridge but then I would totally forget about it. I haven't tested the other products yet, I have heard good things about the toner. Purifying Face Oil is meant to be put on any pimples and I gave it to my brother to test it because I don't really have anything to test it on.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof Mascara
Two products that I always repurchase, although I must say I kind of forgot about them when I started using the new waterproof Lash Princess from Essence. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational but I always have to wipe the excess product off my wand and the I Love Extreme has a huge brush, the Lash Princess has a much more manageable brush.

Catrice #peeloff Glam Easy To Remove Nail Polish 04 Girls Bite Back
These are leaving the stands and I had to grab myself another shade. I have a review with swatches on this one here and the gold one here.

Brush from Aliexpress
I randomly bought this on Aliexpress but I thought it's the big version. I quickly tried it once and I wasn't impressed, I haven't used it since. When I have time I should really test it to see if I like it or not.

Avon Eyebrow Brush
I needed to add something to my Avon order so I could get free shipping and I chose this brush because it was cheap and I actually needed one.

Essence Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows. TE Matt Bronzing Powder
Essence Sun. Sand. & Golden Rainbows TE Brush
These were part of the summer trend edition from Essence. I love bronzers from Essence and I grabbed another one. I also picked up a brush and I actually use it every time now. I used to have a big fluffy brush for my bronzer but now I prefer this one.

Avon Pro Colour 60 Seconds Nail Enamel Chop-Chop Cream*
Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipstick Everyday Red*
Some blogger mail from Avon. I already reviewed the nail polish. The formula is not my favourite because it starts to chip fast but I adore the shade, it's a perfect kind of nude for my skin tone. I don't wear red lipstick shades but this one looks lovely though. It's that amazing matte formula from Avon that everybody loves.

The Body Shop Ginger Body Yogurt and Shower Gel*
The Body Shop Aloe Calm Sheet Mask* and Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask*
The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist*
I received these products at a blogger event. Believe it or not, I still haven't got a chance to try the ginger products. I have been looking forward to trying TBS body yoghurts since they came out but my life is so hectic right now that I totally forget. I did try the face mist and although it contains a lot of alcohol (it also stinks of alcohol) it doesn't dry out my skin and I like to use it. I like to spray it on thought the day and over my makeup to keep my face more protected. I don't actually know how much this helps considering that the mist is very fine and I can't imagine that it would protect anything but in my mind, it's still great to give some extra protection. It's definitely not a product that you would use alone. The sheet masks I haven't tried yet.

Essence This is Me Collection*
I feel I have been preparing a dedicated post for this collection for what feels like ages but I'm getting close to it. I already reviewed the nail polish formula that stays on my weak nails for a week and I love it. I expected more from these nude shades, in my opinion, these don't look so good on my skin tone, they are all a bit too mauve toned, I wanted something more in the lines of the Avon one. I tried the mascara and it quickly became my everyday mascara. The lipsticks are nice and creamy but the eyeshadows I haven't tried yet.

This is a few blogger mails worth of Avon product 
We got some awesome summer goodies and in the next post, I will talk more about them. For now, I love the Attraction Sensation Eau de Parfum, the and the Chi Shower Gel but I'm not a fan of the other fragrance Perceive Sunshine Eau de Parfum and the Nail Moisture Mask.

Subrina Shower Gels Mango Heaven, Rainbow Splash, Strawberry Sorbet
Müller had 2+1 offer on these and I had to buy some. I picked the scents that I haven't had before. They all smell amazing, Mango Heaven is nice, Strawberry Sorbet is super sweet and Rainbow Splash smells like Haribo gummies.

De Le Roi Anti-Aging Cream*
De Le Roi contacted me if I want to try their new cream and I was like, why not. I have heard some good things about their products, so I'm excited to see how it works, once I start testing it.

Balea Rasier Shaum Tropic Papaya
I always repurchase Balea shaving foams, they always have some nice smelling editions. They also had a coconut version but I picked this one up and I'm glad I did because it smells amazing and tropical.

Langhaar Mädchen Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner
They had these two under 1€ in DM and I bought them because I have seen everybody from Germany talking about this brand on Instagram. I haven't tried them yet, but I will let you know what I think once I do.

Avon Nutra Effects Hydration Overnight Gel Cream
A few more repurchases, I just love the cream. It's perfect for summer, a bit cooling gel formula that's still enough hydrating for me. Full review here.

Bioré Aktivkohle Nasenstrips
I have seen this a lot on the blogs and also on Mateja's blog and when I spotted it in Müller I added it to the basket. I tried one sheet and it did seem to pull out more than a Balea sheet, for example, but I need to try it out a few more times to see if it's worth repurchasing.

Essence Summer Days & Nights Eyeshadow Palette and Glow Bar Highlighter Palette*
Lovely Natalija sent these two to me. It's a new summer edition from Essence. The Highlighter Palette is very very shimmery, too shimmery for me, but I will still test it. The palette also contains a lot of shimmery shades but I do wear them. These couple of times that I have tested it, the shadows stay on for the whole day with minimal creasing, talking without primer and in this heatwave. I'm impressed. There will be a proper blog post for these two.

Balea Straffende Folientuch Augenmaske
I just bought this a couple of days ago and I haven't tried it yet, but it will be in my empties.

New Catrice products for Autumn/Winter 2019 (Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette, Gold Effect Nail Polish, Demi Matte Lipstick and Glowing Powder Blush)
I haven't tried the eyeshadow palette and the powder blush but the nail polish and lipstick are great. The nail polish is such a gorgeous colour. Since it is shimmery, it does take some time to remove but it's worth it. The matte lipstick is really comfortable on the lips, I don't even notice it when I'm wearing it.

Notino Welcome Package*
Notino also sent me a package with some products. I only tried the L'Oreal Makeup Sponge that feels firmer and harder than my H&M one but the pointy tip is super useful. I also tried the Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour on my hand and I couldn't get the swatch entirely off it for two days. I will make a whole dedicated post for these products.

Thank you for reading!
*Products were sent to me