Catrice New Products Spring/Summer 2020 Wishlist

Catrice New Products Spring/Summer 2020 Wishlist

Catrice is revamping their collections again. They are discontinuing a lot of products and adding more. They are also discontinuing my favourite and most used Catrice product Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter, I need to get a back up of it and maybe also a new shade.

1. Professional Brow Palette 020 Medium to Dark
I have been using L.O.V's eyebrow palette a lot this year, I found out I prefer using a powder for my eyebrows instead of brow pencils. The L.O.'V palette is huge and it's taking up so much space and I only use one shade, so I was already searching for a replacement. I can't find a replacement anywhere, I would prefer having a very small palette with two shades and that's it. If I do find something, usually the shades are not okay. With this palette, you get six shades and I hope one will be okay. The palette also contains a highlighter and a fixing wax but I wouldn't use them. It's still a big palette but if the shades are okay, I don't mind that so much, it's still smaller than L.O.V's.

2. 5 in 1 Setting Powder 010 Transparent
I have heard good things about Catrice's setting powders. This one is supposed to be super matte and it should mattify the skin thought the whole day. It sounds good, it's on top of my wishlist.

3. Balance Hydro Spray
From the description of this product, it sounds like something similar to Melvita's rose water spray and I loved that one but it's pricy, so this sounds quite interesting. The spray should also calm your skin and give it a radiance boost.

4. Liquid Shadow Waterproof 040 Peace Hunter and 050 Free Spirit
This is a new liquid eyeshadow formula from Catrice and they say it should be quick to apply and blend on the eyelids. The formula should be longlasting and waterproof. I chose shade Peace Hunter because it looks like a nice gold shade and the shade Free Spirit because it looks like a darker rose gold but I will have to see this in stores to see which ones I would like.

5. Instant Awake Concealer
Catrice makes great concealers, especially Liquid Camouflage is amazing. It comes with a sponge and that's not really hygienic and I doubt the sponge would blend the product well. It should have medium coverage. They say the concealer also contains nourishing ingredients and it should visibly reduce small lines.

6. Clean ID Hydro BB Cream
7. Poreless Perfection Mousse Foundation
I decided to also put some foundations on my wishlist but I will probably first wait for some reviews or swatches at least. The ingredients in the Clean ID BB cream are 99% natural and it contains shea butter. The Poreless Mousse Foundation should give a natural and smooth finish to the skin. I like my foundations to look natural, I don't care if they don't hide everything, so these two sound promising.

8. Pro Neon Earth Slim Eyeshadow Palettes
I'm not sure if I need another eyeshadow palette considering I don't wear much eyeshadow anymore but this one looks gorgeous and it has serious Anastasia vibes. I really like the shades, they all look wearable.

9. Hydro Plumping Serum and Glow Booster Serum
These two serums and the Balance Hydro Spray are the first products in the Catrice skincare line. Hydro Plumping serum contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol that should plump up the skin. Glow Booster Serum contains vitamins C, E, B3, pineapple fruit extract that should contribute to a more glowing complexion.

All of these products, including more, should be available in spring 2020 but knowing Catrice, they will be out much sooner.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Catrice ima kar nekaj novosti, ki tudi mene zanimajo. Tudi jaz bi preizkusila vse tri izdelke za nego, ker izgledajo sestavine dokaj osnovne. Me spominjajo na The Ordinary.

    Najbolj se verjetno veselim te palete za obrvi, res upam, da so odtenki pravi :).

    Nekaj highlightsov iz nove kolekcije sem pri nas v Mullerju že videla - mislim, da ravno korektorje. Sem jih malo preizkusila na roki in izgledajo kar zanimivi.

    1. Čisto sem spregledala komentar :/.

      Na sestavine se ne spoznam kaj preveč, ampak berem, da so okej, tako da bo zanimivo sprobat :D

      To paletko moram jaz pogledat temno verzijo, če bo okej.

      Pri nas še zdaj ni nič, še vedno samo razprodaja :/