Empties #20

Another empties post. I recently decluttered my makeup collection, here are some posts about it, so in this post there are just face and body skincare and haircare.

Butters Vanilla Butter
If you read my blog, you already know I'm obsessed with these body butters. You can read the whole review here. My favourite scent is strawberry but vanilla is right next to it. It smells delicious, like vanilla sugar or something. These are a lifesaver in colder months when my skin gets very dry.

Balea Exotische Vanilla Bodycreme
Another vanilla-scented body product, I had a phase when I was obsessed with vanilla. This one was okay but very lightweight. Also, it's huge and it took me very long to finish it.

Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strips
I think I got this somewhere with my order. I really liked it actually, it worked well and I saw lots of great reviews, so maybe I will order some more.

Oriflame Swedish Spa Mirror Ocean Body Oil
I made a review of the whole Swedish Spa collection last December, that means it took me one year to finish this oil. I used it quite a lot, I usually paired it with a lightweight body lotion. It doesn't feel sticky after but it does need some time to absorb. The scent is very spa-like but not really up my alley.

Avon Pore & Shine Control Black Mineral Mask
I love Clay Ritual's clay for face masks but when I'm really in a rush I love this one from Avon. It's quick and easy, works amazing. I try to do clay face masks once a week, following with a nourishing mask and my skin looks so nice after. I really see a difference if I don't use it for a while.

Green Line Basic Moisturizing Cream
I already talked about this cream in my last new in post. It's just that basic face cream that feels lightweight on the face and sinks in quickly.

Subrina Strawberry Sorbet Shower Gel
I used this one as hand soap and it was okay, nothing special, it smelled nice.

Balea Sweet Cake Shower Gel
These foam shower gels really last a long time, it took me very long to finish it. I loved the scent, it smelled like freshly baked vanilla cake.

Gliss Kur Hair Repair SOS Intensivkur Oil Nutritive
Another one of these, I think I had three and this one is the last one. These all were great. I had one packaging for 2, maybe 3 times. They are great for travelling because you can seal the cap back on.

Jessica Phenomen Oil
This was pita to use up because the pipette broke. First, the top of the pipette was some kind of rubber and it got dust and everything stuck on it but then the whole pipette broke and it was so hard to use it without getting oil everywhere. I did like the oil, it was great for cuticles.

Thank you for reading!