Year 2019 On My Blog

Here it is, another yearly recap where I include more popular posts on my blog. Some were the same as lasts year, so I didn't include those.

Most popular posts in 2019 were:

2020 will be the year when my blog celebrates 6 years, I don't even know where these years went, I know everyone in their posts always says that but it's true. I started with my blog when I was around 17 years old and now I'm 23. I don't think about stopping any time soon, even though blogging is "out". Now everyone rather reads that one not-even-decent-sentence on IG about a product and that's it. I do get some moments when I think if it's worth putting so much time in blogging but in the end, I like it, so, for now, I will stuck to it.

Thank you all for reading and have an amazing 2020!