My Blog in 2018

I wanted to do one of these posts again. I like doing them, I don't really check statistics of my blog so often, but at the end of the year, I like to see which posts you enjoyed reading and which are my favourites, whether they took me a long time to do or I really liked doing them.

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My Favourites:

It is my fifth time blogging and I still really enjoy it. Sometimes my life gets overwhelming but then on my days off, I realise that I still love it. In December I challenged myself on posting every second day and even though it was tough, I still enjoyed it. I hope I get time to do this more often. Thank you all for reading my blog and have an amazing new year!


  1. Čestitke Lana za vztrajnost in kvaliteto bloganja. Keep it up ;) Jaz te rada berem. <3 Upam, da boš imela še več časa za ustvarjanje. Vem, da zna včasih biti obremenjujoče, ampak večinoma je pa prav fajn.