New In #26

This post is so late, I still even haven't posted products that I got on Black Friday. You can imagine that I bought and got a lot of products in these last months so I will divide my New In post into two parts. In this one there will mostly be products I got in November and December, also some Christmas blogger mail.

Avon True Nutra Effects Lightweight Facial Oil*
I already talked about this oil, I really like it. Now in winter time, I use it a lot. It feels lightweight and my skin still feels nourished and soft in the morning. I only have a few drops left, so I'm happy I got a new one. I just disliked the packaging, it started to leak quickly and the pipette broke.

Avon Red Berries Bubble Bath Bauble*
This smelled so nice and it was quickly empty. I used it as a shower gel and later on as a hand soap because it smelled so great. It's wasn't a traditional Christmas scent, but it still smelled quite festive.

Avon Anew Essential Youth Maximizing Sheet Mask*
I totally forgot to write down notes when I tried this one and now I can't remember how I liked it. I do remember that it wasn't nothing special, the holes were too small for eyes and mouth, but the mask did have quite a lot of essence.

Avon Brush Cleaning Tool*
I already own two of these, so this one I gave away in one of my giveaways. I have a review of one here. They are great for cleaning the brushes, you just put your finger in and then clean your brushes on the top. You have a section for the smaller brushes and also for the bigger ones.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Scrub
I think this is my first product I bought in Lush. I did try some of their products before, but I never bought anything myself. At the start of January Lush had a sale of the Christmas products so I just had to get at least one thing. I chose the lip scrub. I couldn't decide between this Santa Baby one and the Sugar Plum Fairy, but I'm glad I went for this one. It didn't hit me at first, but it smells like Coke and I love it. For two weeks I had it on my bedside table so I could smell it ten times a day. I put it in my January Favourites too. A great product, I will definitely buy more.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche Trend Edition*
I have a whole post of this gorgeous collection here. The brushes were sent to me, but the eyeshadow palette I bought myself, because I loved the packaging. I love the palette, I always use at least the dark matte eyeshadow because it's so easy to blend. It also stays all day with a primer from Avon. For the brushes, I use the angled brush a lot, mostly for blush, as well as the eyeshadow brush for doing my eye makeup.

Kiko Smart Fusion Lipstick 434 Chestnut
I was in Austria in December and I had to visit the Kiko store. Nothing really impressed me, except for one bronzer, but it was quite expensive, so I bought one lipstick. I haven't properly tested it yet, but for now, I like it, it feels nice on the lips. It's just a shade for me, a slightly darker browny nude.

Catrice Dazzle Bomb LE Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid*
Essence Winter Dreamin' TE 2in1 Highlighter & Blush Powder*
Whole review here. The highlighter is very subtle, hardly visible on my skin, but I love the blush, it's a darker mauve red shade, that is perfect for this time of the year. The sparkle fluid is very liquidy and a bit harder to work with, but it looks quite nice on the skin.

H&M Makeup Sponge
I talked about this sponge before. I love it, it's the best makeup sponge I have tried, but keep in mind I didn't try the original Beauty Blender. The one I am currently using is falling apart, so I got myself another backup. These cost 2,99€.

Malinca Happy Cacao Mix*
This was a gift from Malinca. I was so excited, I always saw in movies that they put cinnamon on top or in the cocoa, but I never tried it. Unfortunately, it's not my cup of tea, the cinnamon is too strong, even though I normally like it, so I just put a little bit of it in my cocoa. On the other hand, my mom loves it.

Essence Volume Stylist Last Extension and Soft Contouring Lip Liner 03 Deeply Intoxicated
I have a review of the mascara here. Since I really liked it, I bought another one on Black Friday, so I got it 20% off in Müller. And I finally remembered on these Essence lip liners, everyone raves about, so I got one. I didn't find any interesting shades, so I just got this one, which didn't seem so dark in the store, but I will try to use it. For now, I really like the formula.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
Since Müller had 20% off on Black Friday, I finally repurchased this bronzer, it's my absolute favourite. Mine broke (first the product and then the packaging), so it was annoying to use and I almost used it up (there was only a little product on the edges), so I just repurchased it. Even though I haven't completely used up my old one, I decided to start a new year with a new one.

Gliss Kur Total Repair
I put this in my latest empties, so I had to buy another one. It's one of the best leave-in conditioners I have tried. I purchased a lot of these Gliss Kur products, but this orange one seems to be my favourite.

Balea Erfrischendes Waschgel
I bought two of these because I ran out of it. I love it, it's cheap (1€ and something), gentle, foams well and doesn't particularly dry out my skin. I use it in the morning and as a second cleanser in the evening.

Malinca Raspberry Body Peeling*
I feel I have talked about this peeling so much recently, but I just can't help it. It is the best smelling product I have tried last year. It smells like raspberry jam. Whole review here.

Aikon Derma Systems Selfie Light*
This is one of the most thoughtful blogger mails. Every blogger needs a selfie light, right? You just clip it on your phone and it really improves and lightens the photo.

Oriflame The ONE Disguise Eau de Parfum, Long Wear Nail Polish Black Trick and Orange Spectre, Brush Cleaning Tool*
Review of the fragrance here and of the nail polishes here.

The Body Shop x House of Holland Matte Lip Liquid Collection*
This was a lovely surprise from The Body Shop. The brand is quite new to me, but I did try one of their Matte Lip Liquids, which I liked, so I was happy I got another three shades to try. The formula is lightweight and comfortable, but these are not very pigmented, normally you will need at least two coats.

Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified Strobe and Highlighting Set*
Not long ago I attended a Makeup Revolution party, which was organized by We got some awesome goodies. One of them was this package with a huge highlighting palette, an ultra strobe cream, and a brush. I have tried the palette, top four shades are creamy and the bottom four powdery. I actually like it, especially the powdery ones, but they are a bit too colorful for a natural look. I'm planning on doing a review with swatches for this palette. The brush that came with is beautiful, rose with rose gold details. It's also very soft, I didn't think I would like it so much as I do. And lastly, the ultra strobe cream. I have to say I expected a lot from this one, I mean, it says ultra strobe, I expected it to be super shiny, but it's not, at all. It is supposed to be a cream for all over the face, I guess like some sort of primer and it should give a nice glow to the skin. I haven't tried it yet, but we will see.

Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette Innovation*
Another gift from the event. I haven't properly tested it yet, but let me know if you would want a review.

I Heart Makeup Chocolate Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette*
I haven't tried this one yet, but I have heard good things about it. I already own one of these I Heart Makeup chocolate palettes, which I use a lot.

Essence Be My Highlight Eyeshadow Palette, Make Me Special Prismatic Lipstick Topper, Eyeshadow Brush, Ready. Set. Glow! Makeup Bag*
I also got this cute package which I wasn't expecting at all. I did a whole post about it here. The palette is good, it's quite cool toned, which I'm normally not a fan of, but I mixed all the shades together and it looks really nice. The lipstick topper is very glittery but balmy. The brush is nice and soft. The brush bag is a small-medium size, perfect or maybe even a bit too big to carry in my bag.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me or I got them at a blogger event

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