Favourite Makeup Products of 2019

I always make yearly favourites and this time it will be no different. I'm sure I forgot about a lot of products that I loved using at the start of the year or I throw them away because they were empty but I tried to include the ones that I really used a lot. This time I will talk about makeup products but there will also be a skincare and haircare related post.

Oriflame The One A-Z BB Cream shade Natural
I heard a lot of good things about Oriflame's BB cream, so I was excited to try it. In my review, I mentioned that I love the bb cream but it can look almost too dewy on my skin but now in winter it's perfect. Sometimes I get very dry skin and no foundation really helps, most of the foundations that I own tend to emphasize dry patches but this BB cream doesn't. It feels light on the skin and it really gives that natural glowy look.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer 01 Ivory
Since I bought this concealer, it has been my go-to almost every day. I usually just use it under the eyes and a bit all over the face, apply a bit of powder and that's it for my base makeup. I love it but I will need a darker shade for when I get even a little bit of tan. If I remember correctly, Bourjois only has three shades of these and the other two are quite dark but I will see, I need to test them again.

Lotique Face Primer
I had this for a long time but I never gave it a chance till autumn 2019. I was very surprised that I liked it, I only have a tiny bit left. It's a thin and lightweight texture that feels moisturizing on the skin, it helps with dry patches on the skin and it makes the foundation look better.

I already said before on my blog that this lipstick is one of my favourites lately. It has a semi-matte finish and it doesn't look dry on the lips. My lips also don't feel dry when I wear it. The shade is just what it says, a very flattering petal pink.

Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux 04 Jolie Mauve
This is probably the creamiest lipstick I have ever tried. Because of this one, I have a lot more Bourjois lipstick on my WL now. Rouge Fabuleux formula is creamy, it just slides on the lips, it feels great and it doesn't dry out the lips. The shade is a darker brownish mauve.

Another great discovery of the year. First, the packaging is really up there for Oriflame, it feels luxurious and it has some weight to it. It's well pigmented and leaves a creamy finish. It smells like vanilla sugar cookies.

I made a whole review on this blush because it impressed me. It's Wine O'Clock is a gorgeous blush, when mixed, you get a nice rosy mauve shade. It also has some sheen to it and I really like how it looks on the cheeks. Also, it's quite pigmented, so you have to have a light hand when you use it.

Just now, when I'm writing this, I realised I have this palette since early 2018 and not 2019 but I forgot about it for a while and in the last few months I started to regularly use the highlighter. I don't really use the blushes or the bronzers but I love the highlighter. It's one of the more subtle highlighters in my collection, the golden tone is just right for my skin tone and I love how it looks. It's not too much, it's the perfect amount of highlighter for my taste.

This palette is also from 2018, I didn't pay much attention to it back then. I did test it but then I started using eyebrow pencils but in 2019 I realised I prefer just using a bit of powder to fill in my brows because I'm clumsy and it never turns out how I want it. The powder is just an easier option. I wish I would have cleaned the palette before I photographed it but at least, now you can see how much I use it. I love that darker brown powder and I'm already looking for a replacement.

I can't even explain how much I love this mascara. Notino did send to me but I already ordered myself a new one, that's how much I love it. I use it most of the time that I wear a mascara. A few times I did use Maybelline's Lash Sensational but it doesn't compare to this one. Bourjois mascara makes the lashes just a bit longer than Lash Sensational and it makes them look better in general. I said in my review that it crumbs here and there but since I posted my review, it didn't crumb not even once. It doesn't survive crying but, after all, it's not a waterproof mascara.

Thank you for reading!