New In #36

Finally a new haul of beauty products. I always think before to do them but then life happens and I accumulate so many products that I don't want to spend the entire day photographing them. I thought of not doing these posts anymore but I know I love reading them on other blogs. Also, some products never get a separate post and since I do favourites very rarely, some of them don't even get a mention and I love some. So, this is still a way to do smaller reviews for some products that maybe wouldn't get a chance otherwise.

Catrice Crystallized Amethyst Eyeshadow Palette*
I didn't try this one at all yet but you can read a post on Petra's blog. She made a full review of the palette, including swatches and some gorgeous looks

Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish 02 Fascinating Grace*
I have a review with swatches here.

Catrice Demi Matt Lipstick 020 Most Flattering Petal Pink*
I have one of the old matte lipsticks from Catrice and I really like it. This one is also amazing, it feels even creamier and lightweight on the lips. Most Flattering Petal Pink is indeed a flattering medium pink shade.

Catrice Blush Box 020 It's Wine O'Clock*
This blush is so pretty, I really like using it. The shade is perfect for autumn, a bit darker rose. It applies and blends nicely on the cheeks and gives them a bit of sheen. I still need to test it better but I will do a separate review.

Oriflame The One Tremendous Big Volume Mascara*
I haven't tried the mascara yet but Mateja says it's good, so it's already waiting in the line for me to test it. It's just that lately I got so many mascaras to test that I can't keep up and test them all.

Essence x PacMan Eyeshadow Palette, Blush Palette and Eye Mask*
I am already preparing a post all about these PacMan products, so I will be quick. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous but I'm still testing the quality. It seems the brown shades need some time to blend properly and they can look a bit patchy and muddy. The blush palette is cute, I really enjoy using the bright pink shade which I didn't expect at all. The eye mask is still waiting for its turn.

Avon Sea Foam Cleansing Bubble Mask*
This was so interesting to test. I didn't try any of the bubble masks before so this was a whole new experience for me and I didn't think this would actually work. I don't know why I expected a sheet mask but you get a normal mask in the packaging. The texture is liquidy and it is green. As soon as I put it on the skin, it started to change to white and form bubbles. Feeling on the skin was so interesting, I can't even describe it. It almost felt like the mask was slipping down the face but it was not. The bubbles formed quickly and were gone within 10 minutes. Later there was a tight film on the skin that was very sticky. When I washed it off, my skin did feel cleaner but I didn't notice any major difference in the appearance right then. The next morning my skin looked so good, clean and even and healthy if I say so. My skin has been looking dull lately, I tried to make it better with some masks but this one impressed me the most. I'm definitely ordering a new one. 

Avon True Bronze and Glow Brick*
This is supposed to have matte and soft shimmer to create a multi-dimensional look. I use it as a highlighter because I don't like shimmer all over my face and this is very shimmery. The texture is powdery but it blends okay.

Avon True 5 in One Lash Genious Mascara*
I didn't open this one yet because I have a couple in use right now but there will probably be a full review in the future.

Catrice Clean ID LE Eyeshadow Palette
This was one of the impulse purchases that I regretted for a while. The quality is not the best, the matte shades feel quite chalky and poorly pigmented. Also, I don't know what I was thinking but the shade range is not for me, the shades don't even show up on my skin tone. I didn't like the palette at all but then I discovered the last shade looks nice all over the lid, so it's something at least. The packaging is cardboard and closes with a band but the band already broke after two uses.

Catrice Sheer Beautifying Lip Balm 040 Watermelonade
In the summer I wanted an orange lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm. I already own an Oriflame one in shade Nude Appeal but I wanted something more pigmented. I noticed this Beautifying Lip Balm in Müller and I thought it would be perfect. Also, the packaging is cardboard. I like the balm, it is creamy and gives some colour to the lips. I don't know how I managed this but it melted in my purse. I tried putting it faced upon the direct sun, so it would melt back into shape again but it didn't melt, so I'm not sure how it melted in the first place. I don't even remember leaving my purse on the sun. Overall, I like it, the balm is moisturizing and it gives an orange hint to the lips.

Oriflame OnColour Nail Polishes Tasty Nude, Juicy Peach, Cloud Blue, Ice Cream and Candy Lavender*
These will also be in my upcoming post. If I'm honest I didn't expect much from them but they surprised me big time. I have weak nails and I have a few nail polish formulas that I trust and Oriflame OnColour formula definitely deserves a spot in my favourites. They are creamy, easy to apply and the formula lasts so well on my nails. I also like that it doesn't start to cheap, it just wears off of the tip of the nails. Now, I already have a few more shades on my WL.

Oriflame OnColour Big Lash Mascara*
Again, didn't have time to test the mascara.

Oriflame OnColour Cream Lipstick Apricot Coral*
The lipstick comes in a cheap tube but the formula is quite nice. It's creamy, it applies evenly, it's a bit sheer, so you will have to go over it a couple of times but it's good. Apricot Coral is a nice summery peachy shade.

Oriflame OnColour Perfect Duo Eye Pencil Green & Turquoise*
I'm not a fan of this pencil. It's quite a hard formula and it doesn't show up on my waterline. I also can't get it to apply nicely on the lid.

Essence Crystal Power Blush & Highlighter Palette*
Essence What The Fake! Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara*
Out of these two, I only tried the mascara a couple of times and I did like it but for now, I can't say more.

Essence The Blush 10 Befitting*
I love the shade of this blush, I really like this kind of shades, they probably suit most people. I heard good things about the last version of these blushes, I had them on my WL but never got around to buy them. The texture is nice, creamy and it blends well on my cheeks.

H&M Makeup Sponge
I have been using makeup sponges from H&M for years. I found this one on sale for 0,99€ so of course, I bought it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
Ever since I tried this mascara, I always go back to it, it's a formula that I trust. It just bugs me so much that there is always a lot of excess product on the wand that I have to wipe down every morning. Review here.

Essence Draw The Line! Instant Colour Lip Liner 05 So Un-Grey-Tful
I think these are discontinued. I already have a review here. I like it, it is matte but it feels very lightweight on the lips.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
This time I ordered a pack of 5 of these. I rarely use them but my brother likes them, so I stocked up.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
I have heard so much about this product that I had to order it. I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know how I like it.

Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum*
This is a new fragrance from Avon. The bottle is quite old school with a gold cap with leaves. I can imagine this scent being quite basic to the same people but I don't own anything similar to this. The notes include immortelle, nectarine and jasmine. I really like it, it starts very sweet and becomes more floral later.

L'Oreal Elvital Öl Magique Shampoo
A repurchase. I always buy these when they are on sale in DM/Müller/Interspar.

Gliss Kur Express-Repair Spüllung Oil Nutrive
Another repurchase. This time I went with a different version, I'm not sure if I had this one before but I think I like it more than the version I always repurchase.

Pantene Pro-V Repair & Care Intensiv-Maske
The conditioner really impressed me, so I grabbed another Pantene product, a mask. I tried it two or three times and I love it. All the Pantene products are amazing. With them, as well as with the Gliss Kur leave-in treatment, my hair has gone back to normal from being dry because of the sun. For the price (under 5€) I would definitely recommend it, I would buy it again even if it was pricier.

Afrodita Red Grapes Revitalizing Oil Shower Gel
One of my favourite shower gels ever, I adore the grape scent, I have repurchased so many of these.

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Sunscreen
A sunscreen that I have been using for two/three years or even more. I like that it's not sticky and it sinks into the skin fast even though it's an oil. I said it before but if you are interested in the bronze part, I don't know, my skin gets tanned very easily and I'm not sure if this does anything to help it. More here.

Afrodita Extreme Moisturing Mask and SOS Calming Mask
Extreme Moisturizing one is a repurchase and I love it. The SOS Calming mask I haven't tried yet but lately, I have really been into Afrodita's masks, so maybe I will do a post with mini-reviews for each of them.

Balea Aloe Vera Gesichts Spray
I was searching for Balea's aloe vera gel because mine is almost empty and I couldn't find it. Then I saw this and I thought it would be nice to try. I used it mostly after I have been in the pool, to calm down my skin on my face. I like it, it feels refreshing and cooling.

Ebelin Mikrofaser Reinigungstuch
I got this towel in DM for around 3-4€ and I love it already. It is super soft and it really does remove makeup with just water. You don't need any makeup remover. I haven't tried it with a waterproof mascara but it works okay with a regular one. It is also very gentle on the eyes when you are trying to remove the mascara.

Thank you for reading!

*Products were sent to me


  1. Ebelin krpico moram pogledat. Zanimiva zadeva :).
    Cosrx patchi so tudi moj must have. Prav tako h&m gobice, ceprav zadnje case uporabljam bolj copic za podlago. Ampak so pa te res najbolj mehke <3.
    Essence blush novi odtenki soi vsi vsec. Ampak imam toliko blushev, da skoraj ne smem kupiti vec :D

    1. Jaz sem še vedno pri gobivah, dajo najbolj naraven videz. Ne vem niti, če imam kakšen pametni čopič za podlago :D
      Sem našla ono staro verzijo za 99 centov v Mullerju in sem se odločila, da ne rabim, ker jih imam dovolj in itak uporabljam samo ene in iste :D